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Tuesdays Tip ~ Linking your surnames with the old country ~ Working with Headrights and Land Grants

Thomas Miller  Imprisoned after Culpepper's Rebellion
Rowland and  Evan Carrew

Accomac County Court records shed light on many many people who come into the Colonies between 1664 and later. I go there first to look for immigrants. An original Virginia county "Accawmak"  was formed in 1634 and renamed Northampton County in 1642-43. In 1663 Northampton was divided with the  northern part receiving the original name. At the court held April 16, 1664 ,Col. Edmund Scarborough declared that "Most of the county was present".

The land grants received in this court itemize a huge percentage of immigrants coming into the New World.
Jon Carrow is found in a land grant to Captain Samuel Matthews in 1643 but odds are that he is present several years before this, possibly as early as 1635. We find another John Carrew here at this time, one we claim as ours. He is Constable in 1667 and Evan Carrew is Deputy Constable around that same time. 

Maryland records indicate Evan coming into St. Mary's in 1671 and he works as an accountant. However, many do not realize he is here in Accomac prior to that. I find it significant that a Rowland Carrew  is found as a headright the same year we first see Evan appear.Evan Carrew does not appear as a headright until 1671 in Maryland. He appears 15 July 1667 in Accomac Court being summoned to give testimony and that same month he is paid 100 pounds in tobacco to replace Henry Stott as Constable. He apparently is known to the community. It seems likely that he and John Carrow are born in Virginia, possibly to Jon. Carrow here by 1635 when most shipping stops until 1643.

Rowland Carrew is found this one time in records. What clues can I get from this? Where is he born? Where are others who seem to arrive with him from?

I start with Thomas Miller who gets land for bringing him in. Miller may sell  250 acres of it again in October 1669 to Abijah Manlove daughter of Mark Manlove. He had had this land assigned to him by a William Green just prior to him so perhaps he did not actually transport these men. Headrights are used as cash in that time and that economy. The land in question was called Green's Chance. William Green apparently transported himself and his son John from Virginia to Maryland for some of this land.

Thomas Miller, acting governor, Council member, secretary, and customs collector, was in North Carolina (then called Albemarle) by 1 Mar. 1672/73.On that date he contracted for shipment of a large quantity of tobacco from Albermarle  to England and for his own passage.In his contract Miller was identified as an apothecary of "Balley Samson in the County of Waxford in Ireland." In other documents related to the shipment, he was identified as a merchant. He seems to have had a fair education and to have had influential connections with the with the Lords Proprietor of Carolinas whom he apparently was associated as early as 1669. His behavior, however, did not reflect gentle birth. He was given to vulgar, offensive remarks, and as an official he was abusive and domineering.

Interesting to me is the fact that this Thomas Miller may have  received land in Virginia August 1667 for transporting Rowland Carrew, Morgan Aprice,Edgar Jones,Mary Morgan, John Welsh and Eliza Wilkins. This transaction and these names are found only in Accomac County Court records. Did Rowland Carrew end up in Carolina? Did Thomas Miller actually transport Carrew  and Aprice or did William Green?

Three Morgan Aprice's are found in historical records at this time,all in the West Country in England: Hereford, Shropshire and Wiltshire not far from Bristol.  All of these may be clues to the Carrows and their origin place. A strong tip is that almost all men named Evan or Rowland at this time are Cornish or from the West Country near to Wales.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surname Saturday ~ Guild of One-Name Studies ~ Carrow surname

                                                              Carrow Abbey

I recently have joined the Guild of One-Name Studies for Carrow with variants Carowe,Carru, Corrow etc. We are definitely hoping to find the origin of our Carrow family who are in the United States as early as 1639-40.

Possibilities are the three largest pockets  of those carrying the name in Cambridge, Norfolk  and Somerset in the late 16th and early 17th century. Southern England surely is the most likely with Somerset currently higher in my sights. Why? There is some history of Carrows from Somersetshire being transported to the American Colonies in the 17th century. The family then departs from that area and later begin to move back there.

I am excited about the search possibilities.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Faces From the Past ~ 50 years ago today

50 years ago today, most of these people were together. Ronnie and I were recently married and Jeannie and Mac would soon be engaged.
Jeannie and I were at the Salem Employment Office inquiring about part time jobs. I was enrolled at Glassb
oro State College part time and would take my first course in January..

I feel like I remember that there was a TV station was on at the Employment Office but maybe it was the radio. We did leave. I was stunned.

That night Ronnie and I had arranged to have our marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church. We had had a small civil ceremony for that reason as Ronnie was not yet Catholic. Checking with the priest he felt we should proceed with that plan. Joe Harrington "stood up" with us ..and my sister Carol maybe? I only remember Joe..

St. James church was mobbed with people praying and lighting candles..rosary beads..black head coverings ( pre Vatican II).. My church was in mourning for one of their own..a Catholic boy..

My family was in mourning for one of their own.. an Irish boy..

Would anything ever be this bad, my own folk felt?

Apparently it would.. 50 years later we are still divided as a country into Catholic and Protestant...Democrat and Republican..Black and White..

50 years later I still cry..and want to scream and throw things... Because of divisiveness that is just as bad and just as ugly.. uglier maybe? I was young then and idealistic..
I am not sure..

Requiescat In Pace Et Lux Perpetua ~ John Kennedy and Ronald Morrison ~ that is what my ain folk said then and would say now..

Monday, November 11, 2013

Military Monday ~ Veterans Day ~ Reunion on Pearl Harbor


My Dad William C. Carrow  BM1 USN was my hero through life. He served here on the USS Hopping DE -155 where he was a plank holder.

The USS Hopping made nine convoy crossings of the Atlantic Ocean before being sent to the Pacific. While in the Pacific, she withstood numerous Japanese air attacks as well as at least one concealed enemy shore battery. Dad was offered the opportunity to apply for a medal for his effort to secure the ship after it was torpedoed. He never filled out the papers saying "Someone had to do it".

My Uncle Francis Faunt served on the USS Cony DD-508 as a Torpedoman.  Cony was launched Christmas Day 1942 and then escorted a convoy from  Norfolk VA to Nouméa, New Caldedonia, where she arrived 27 January 1943.

From online chronology from sailors onboard I find that this file picture is the Cony in Pearl Harbor apparently in 1944. "Cony received two bomb hits on her main deck, and these with a near miss killed 8 of her men, wounded 10, and caused considerable damage. She was towed into Port Purvis for emergency repairs. She sailed from Port Purvis 4 May for Majuro and Pearl Harbor May 6th 1944.

So it seems that the joyous reunion between my Dad and my Uncle Franny which was joined by Faunt cousins Gilbert Earle and George Wilson at Pearl Harbor happened between May 6th and June 15, 1944. Family!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday- One Family ~ Carrows of Delmarva and North Carolina

                                                          Carrow House  Bath NC
So very thankful today that after seven years of DNA testing and eleven years of genealogical work we know that  at least one line from the North Carolina Carrows and at least one line from the Delaware Carrows descend from the same male. We are all distant and not so distant cousins. Would we know this without the advent of DNA testing? Quite possibly not as definitively.

I should really say that today I am very thankful that I live in such a time where DNA testing and computer research has become commonplace and affordable. Thankful also that I have been able to afford such a hobby financially and time wise, as I could have been still working. Thanks Jim!

I am enraptured at the serendipity that led Jim and I to North Carolina in retirement where I happened upon the research on our family. Thankful that I found distant cousin Don who took this journey with me. Thankful indeed for the new cousins who are just as thrilled as we are.

Just imagine, a man came from the British Isles very, very, long ago and despite all odds founded a small family that still exists. When John Carrow came in 1643 the Britain that he left was barely past the middle ages to come to a country where  conditions were  primitive and wild. Living conditions were stark at best and abysmal at worst. That he had one or more children who lived to move up and down the eastern seaboard and themselves have families is astounding.

We do not know for sure if John Carrow was joined by brothers or cousins whose names were not registered and if he himself was the patriarch  of all of us. The research suggests that he may have been. We are all grateful for whatever life event led to his journey and now, of course, hope that we will finally be able to figure out from whence he came.

Surely a day to celebrate our family.

                                      Idalia Manor ~ Carrow farm in St.Georges Delaware

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surname Saturday ~ Kirwans of Meath

Yesterday, thanks to a price reduction at Roots Ireland.ie I was able to locate the death certificates for Patrick Kirwan's father Michael and his grandfather Sylvester. They lived in Ladyrath Rathkenny Meath and Moynalty Meath , an unknown county for me.

Patrick Kirwan was my father's Great grandfather who he knew well.. He took Patrick as his confirmation name. Pat, according to my Dad had a wooden leg. I assume this from a runaway wagon accident which cost him his wife and newborn baby in June 1890. He was a liveryman for the town of Swedesboro. Patrick's wife Lizzie Sweeney delivered a daughter, Maggie, prematurely from the anxiety of Pat's runaway accident. Lizzie died a few days after the delivery and Maggie within the month.

Sarah "Sadie" Kirwan was my great grandmother,she was very young when her mother died. Patrick
apparently found another wife Mary Murray, from Carlow Ireland at some point. They have a daughter Katherine born in 1893. I find Mary and Patrick with Sadie, Sylvester and Katie in the 1900 census and Pat and Mary with Sylvester in 1910. Sylvester dies of TB I believe in 1912. At some point after that Mary and Patrick do not seem to live together but continue to state they are married until their deaths.

Pat was immersed in a murder trial on circumstantial evidence in Swedesboro somewhere around 1894. He and a man named Delaney Armstrong were accused of murdering a man named Gans. A body had washed up on the Delaware shoreline which was declared to be his. Kirwan and Armstrong were last in his company and had argued with him. The public defender did not believe the men were guilty but the trail went on.

At the end of the trial, amazingly enough, the actual body of Mr. Gans washed up on the shore. He had drowned. There were no marks on his body, his clothes were identified as were documents on his person. Patrick and Delaney Armstrong were freed.

Mary Kirwan, his wife was at his side during the trial although it was noted that they were legally separated. They reconciled after the trial and apparently lived together until 1910 or so. Patrick's last residence was in New Jersey in 1930 and he dies in 1939 in the State Hospital in Trenton. They are interred together in Montgomery County PA. with Patrick's only son Sylvester.

I suspect that Pat may not have been the ideal husband although I do not know that. Possibly just a few bad breaks, the "luck of the Irish", he might have said.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday ~ Some Eastern North Carolina Records

Records found while searching for other records which may be important to some families. Two different  counties involved.

Parker of Gates County NC.  A Will from 1825

One half Negro Man Jacob
One Negro Woman Ama
One Negro Girl Cate
One Negro Boy Luton (Suton?)
One Negro Girl Edith 

 Dec. 18, 1832 Sold under Order of the Court Abram Parker Decd.
Negro Boy Guy                                                   
Negro  Girl Dhama                                              
Rent Gared ( David?) until Janry. 1834              


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Carrow Family of Delmarva and North Carolina ~ A very fine book by Don Carrow

I was very thrilled to be mentioned in Donald Carrow's very well done family book titled
The Carrow Family of James Franklin Carrow of Bath NC  which was sent to the publisher this week.
The Dedication and Acknowledgement  page reads this way "The genealogy herein would not have been possible without the untiring efforts of my wife Jane and my second cousin Bea Latham....
Additional exhaustive study was provided by genealogical researchers Kathy Carrow Ingram and Vern Skinner. Kathy's input, effort, data and interest is priceless and ongoing".

A great deal of information is included in this small document which is a culmination of years of effort. It will be placed in the Brown Library, Washington  and Bath Library, both in North Carolina.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friend of a Friend Friday - Kent Island Queen Anne County MD


Edward Ringgold of Cox's Neck to my dear wife Rebecca my negroes Maria Nichols, Harriet Robinson, James Robinson, Frederick Nichols, Richard Hazzard, Delia Nichols and Harry. It is my will that Maria Nichols and Harriet Robinson shall be free at the death of my dear wife or soon if they reach the age of thirty years and the other negroes bequeathed to her shall be free as they reach the age of thirty excepting Harry who shall be free at the end of the term to which he was sold to me by the executor of William S. Constable.

Item I bequeath to my son John Fletcher Ringgold my negro boy Jacob Hazzard to serve him until the age of thirty years when he shall be free.

Item to my son James B. Ringgold and the lands he possesses I charge the lands pay to my Negro woman Susan Berry the annual sum of twelve dollars. 

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary R. Rasin my negro girl Hannah Robinson until she shall attain the age of thirty years.

Item I give and bequeath my daughter Jane Eliza Tilden my negro woman Ann and her children ( excepting her child Marion) and my negro woman Drusilla Harrison and also my negro boy Wesley until they shall reach the age of thirty.

Item I give and bequeath unto Martha Cummins ( granddaughter) my negro girl Athalia Nicols until the age of thirty.

Item, unto my son John Fletcher Ringgold my negroes John and Emory until the expiration of their servitude.

Item unto my Granddaughter Mary Rebecca Ringgold  my negro girl Sarah Jane until she reaches the age of thirty.

Item I give unto Louisa Ringgold widow of George my negro woman Harriet Hazzard until thirty...

 I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Smith the sum of one hundred and  thirty dollars and the negro girl Marion daughter of negro Ann until thirty...

Item, I manumit and set free at the end of the year next after my death my negro man Moses Berry and that he be paid ( paraphrasing here) annually the sum of twenty five dollars.
Item I will and direct that Susan Berry alias Susan Chase be free at the end of the year following and paid the twelve dollars listed above from the land of my son John Fletcher Ringgold.

Item that my negroes Richard Worrell, Washington Smith, Henry Anderson and May Hazzard shall be free at  the end of the years after next.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my negro woman May Hazzard her female child Emily until she is sixteen when she shall be free.

May 6th, 1854

Afterward: Looking in the 1860 and 1870 census many of these folks are living in and around Chestertown MD

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mappy Monday ~Leckpatrick Tyrone near Donegal

 James Sweeney and Mary Jane Huey are my great great  grandparents who arrive on the Mohongo from Derry in June 1853. Mary Jane's family were Protestant and James was Catholic. They are in Southern New Jersey with their first child in 1855 as farmers in Mannington Salem County.

Where did they marry, as they would have had to have  consent for her to marry in the Catholic Church,  I am told. James Sweeney was very possibly from NewtownStewart or Strabane and they could have easily slipped over the line into Donegal.

Mary Jane's family was Protestant but her Mother Letitia's parents James and Isabella Moorhead were Catholic so perhaps she converted. They purposely came to the Southern NJ area to farm and brought five barrels and a trunk off possessions with them, which for those days was a lot.

The Hueys and the Moorheads ( Muirhead) came to Ireland from Scotland some time before this. Moorheads for sure were living on that same border of Donegal and Tyrone in the 1630s. The English King allowed settlement of Scots to be in charge of the Irish in what was called the Plantation period. I am not sure  where  the Sweeneys although they were not Scots.

Mary Jane and James are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Salem New Jersey, both died in 1878. The tombstone emblem suggests  James was a member of the local grange in Salem, probably a founding member.

Their children moved further north into first Oldmans Township and then Centre Square. Their daughter Lizzie Sweeney Kirwan  and her daughter Sadie Kirwan Carrow are buried in Old St. Joseph's Cemetery next to Lizzie's brother James.  Lizzie Kirwan died young after giving birth prematurely after hearing that her husband had suffered a runaway accident. He was driving a team of horses and a load of produce and he lost his leg.  Baby Maggie Kirwan followed her mother to the grave a month later.

                                                           Always  Farmers
                                              Plantation Settlers County Donegal 1630s

Adair, Alexander, Allen x2, Arnett x2, Barkley, Barry, Bauld, Black, Blair, Boyd, Boyle x2, Brisbane, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Buchanan, Burne, Calwell x2, Campbell x2, Carr x3, Cloggie, Colguhoun x2, Coohoone x2, Crawford, Cunningham x15, Dick, Donnell, Dougal, Dunne x3, Dunsayer, Ekyn, Ewart, Flemming, Forecheade, Fullerton, Fulton, Fyieff, Galt, Flabreth, Filmour, Glass, Glen, Gordon, Grynney, Hall, Hamilton x11, Harper, Henrison, Henry, Homes, Hood, Huggins, Hunter, Hutchins, Johnston, Julius, Kennedy, Kernes, Kilpatrick x2, Knox, Laycock, Leckie, Leitch, Leslie, Lindsay, Lockhard, Lodge, Machell, Machen, Martin, Maxwell, Montgomery, Moore, Moorhead, Murray, McAlison, McAuld, McCamuel, McClairne, McCullough, McErdy, McIlcheny, McIntyre, McKay, McKinney, McKym, McLintagh, McLoran, McMath, Nelson, Nesbitt, Orr, Patterson, Patoun, Patton, Peere (Perry), Pont, Purveyance, Rankin, Ritchie, Robin, Robson, Roger, Sawyer, Scott, Sempell, Semple x4, Simpson, Smelley, Smith x3, Smythe x2, Spence, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stevin, Stewart x4, Sutherland, Teyse (Tees), Thompson, Thomson, Valantyne, Vance, Watson, Wilson, Witherspoon, Wood x2, Young

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday’s Faces from the Past ~ Faunt Family in Fishtown Philadelphia

My Cousin Francis Faunt asked me today about our French cousins who lived near our Great Aunt Mamie Faunt Wilson in Kensington North Philadelphia which was called "Fishtown". Aunt Mame lived at 2107 Susquehanna St. which the Market- Frankford El went over. Our Great Grandmother Mary Dugan Faunt as well  as her in-laws sold produce under the elevated train called the "El".
The top picture is my grandmother Retta Swanson Faunt and two of my uncles in the alley next to the house they lived in on Martha Street. My mother was born there and Retta died there, much too young in 1925.
My Cousin Teresa Wilson French lived at  2304 Amber Street and my great Uncle Jesse Faunt had a store at 1801 Mascher Street. All these streets surrounded Martha Streets, only 2 blocks long quite closely. Martha Street in the 1920s was known for speakeasies and the "Martha Street Hop"
The houses all resembled the lower picture and many of them now have vacant lots next to them.
They were very very Irish.
Row house in Fishtown

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mappy Monday- Watkin's Point Maryland as boundary

Augustin Herrman Map of the Chesapeake 1673
I have been doing some work on the  Carrow line that is in Carolina by 1663 and see similarities.
That family had the counties of Albemarle, Bath,Currituck,Beaufort ,Hyde and Craven form and reform around them between 1687 and 1748.John Carrow is in Currituck in 1735 Land Tax and in Hyde County in 1748. Did he move? Apparently not, the County of Hyde was formed in 1746 and he then is listed as property holder there.

Our original John Carrow who is brought into Virginia by Captain Samuel Matthews before 1643 must have started a family while on Mathews Plantation. John Carrow who is later Constable in Accomac County is deposed in 1663 as being 22 years of age. Did John Carrow II just move directly across the Chesapeake?

John the Constable is last found in Accomac in 1678. A John Carrow is living on Tackett's Lott Dorchester in 1730 in Thomas Tackett's will. That John and Henry and Andrew are found witnessing and testifying in and around Queen Anne MD and Kent Island until Henry 's death in 1762. Henry Carrow, whose widow, the former Mary Ringgold lives at Cox's Neck Kent Island is long described in records on Kent Island as living " where the road strikes out to the church near the wading place to William Ringgold's plantation".

What  I am wondering, actually, is do the boundaries between Virginia and Maryland via Scarborough's line at Watkin's Point provide the reason I do not find them in records? Does Accomac Virginia as well as the various Maryland county configurations camouflage them?  Carrows are found in Dames Quarter and Somerset County as well  as Dorchester and further north. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Delaware Guardians~ Update

An update on some of those I enumerated last week in Kent County Delaware Guardians Records

Daniel Sanders who we find here in the will of  George Cummins in 1827  in Duck Creek Hundred:  "I give to Daniel Sanders, a Negro man who I raised and his wife Harriet during their  joint lives and to the survivor of them the house and houses where they now live" is found in the following group of records.

Daniel Sanders and a female are found in Duck Creek Hundred nearby to George Cummins as being a negro or free person of color over the age of 45 on August 7, 1820. Located on the same census in Duck Creek are two households belonging to Jacob Sanders, one female over 45, a younger male and female, one female under 14; the second census contained one female 1-125 and a meal and a female child. Another household for Daniel Sanders contained a female 14-25 and a male and female child.
John Sanders household, again nearby, next door to Presley Spruance, has 5 persons, an adult male over 45 and a female 14-25 and 3 children.

No one is found in 1830 census but the 1840 census in Duck Creek Hundred finds Daniel Sanders with 2 males 36-54 and 2 females 36-54 and one female under 10. John Sanders has one male 55-99, one female 36-54 and one female 10-23 .

This is apparently a large family and in 1850 in Duck Creek Hundred Harriet and Daniel Sanders are found in Duck Creek both born in 1780 with Frances 14 and Mary 4. Priscilla and Esther with families are found in Duck Creek as well as Perry and family and a Jacob and family in 1808.
John and Ann and John William and Ann who were described as Mulattos
Jeffrey Cotton mentioned in George David Cummin's Guardian account as a tenant in 1829-1834 is listed as 55-99 in the 1840 Duck Creek Census and living with him is a female 36-54 and 3 females 16-23.

A Friend of Friends Friday- South Carolina families

I came across this while researching the Fant family in SC. Ropers had some connection to Fant through Jenkins,Gibbs families and prior location in Stafford County VA. It had been documented before atLowcountryAfricana.com but I wanted to add it to my Blog.

Daughters of George Fant, Lucinda Fant Schooler and husband Henry,Maria Fant West and William, Athelia Fant West and John are in  Orangeburg SC before 1790 just prior, probably, to their brothers arriving there in 1793.

Date: 1846/02/26
Description: Martha Rutledge Laurens Roper to Keating Simons Laurens Bill of Sale
Names Indexed: Old William, Old Rinah, Polly, Scott ,Plymouth, Tom, Jenny, Jefferson,Lucy,Eve,Sam,Liddy,Stephin,Bella,Peggy,Primus,Tina, Jimmy, Fanny, Tyrah, Renty, Adam,Mary Ann, Scipio, Hagar, Phobe, Laurens, Denna,Amber,Cubba,Sambo,Simon,Paris,Sona,Nancy,Temmany,Betsy,Rosanna,Juliet
Jacob, Amey, Denna, Flora, Will, Violet, Tom, Peter, Sike, Mary, Daby, Affy,,James, Phillis, Canga, Henry, Emma, Daniel, Linda, Maria, Chloe, Sampson, George, Sary, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Charles, Dinah, Patty, Limus

Type: Bill of Sale
Topics:  Slaves, Skilled  

Robert William Roper a large cotton planter husband of Martha Rutledge Laurens died in 1845, was  buried in  Monks Corner Berkely County SC and had built Roper House at 9 E. Battery, Charleston.

The estate inventory of Keating Simons Laurens, filed 4 Feb. 1854, lists the name of slaves at Point Comfort Planation on the Cooper River in Charleston.

Moncks Corner SC is about 30+ miles from both Orangeburg and Charleston SC.

Abraham,· Mary Ann ,Scipio, Hager, Plimoth, Phebe, Penda, Cansa, Sophy, Peter, Phillis, Violet, Juba, Cyrus, Syke,Mary, Affy, James, Ben, Susa, Brutus, Bella, Peggy, Tenah, Primus, Brutus,Lucy
Jefferson, Sampson, Polly, Tom, Sally, Jenney, Adam, Eve, Sinda, Tita, Simon, Nancy, Betty, March, Donna, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Dina, Charles, Robina, Daniel, Paris, Patsey, Lymus,Bob, Renty,
Jenny, John, Betsey, George, Sary, Sary, Cashius, Frank, Sam, Sady, Timony, Die, Rose, Juliet, Bash, Friday, Jacob, Amy, Tina, Linda, Sam, Chloe, Tim, Tilla, Hercules,Tim, George, Nanny, Katy, Robert, Denna, Amber, Henny, Sambo, Flora, Bob, Stepney, Culla, Taffy, Maria, Wile, Flora


Friday, April 5, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Delaware

 Most of the remainder of Kent County Guardian  Accounts  mentioning persons of color are itemized here. I skipped to the records in which we would find these folks in census and other records. Note also that at this time in Delaware, many of those who are mentioned have term limits or are paid wages.

Will 1827 - I, George Cummins, of Duck Creek Hundred, do make this my last will and Testament: I give to my wife Maria Cummins, the service of my Negro girl Rebecca until the term of her servitude shall expire at the end of 12 years from the time I purchase the said Rebecca, the service of my Negro boy Sampson until he shall arrive at the age of 28 at which time he will be entitled to his freedom...I give to my daughter Sarah Collins Cummins the 260 acres of land on which I dwell ( except a lot of land thereof hereinafter devised to Daniel Sanders Negro and his wife Harriet) which tract of land is adjacent to Doctor James Jones and William Rinngold...
I give to Daniel Sanders, a Negro man who I raised and his wife Harriet during their  joint lives and to the survivor of them the house and houses where they now live..after their death to my daughter Sarah Collins Cummins..
I hereby set free the Negro woman Fanny who formerly belonged to John Crocket..
Codicil: I hereby revoke the said bequest to my wife of the Negro boy Sampson and order that the term of service of the Negro boy Sampson shall pass with the residue of my estate..

January 1829- July 1834 - Guardians for George David Cummins minor - received rent of Jefferey Cotton, Negro tenant..

 February 1822- Oct. 1825 - a  series of accounts Elizabeth Dorman minors of George Dorman. Cash paid Black man Dick for repairs

6 Dec. 1824  Jehu Davis guardian to John Davis son of Mathias Davis presents accounts..Wages of Negro man Luke for one year..

July 1804- 1812 A series of Accounts Caleb Barrett Guardian to John Robertson minor son to Alexander Robertson...cash paid to nursing Silvery Robertson, coffin, winding sheet  & digging grave , paid James Fry for nursing Ben, coffin, winding sheet & digging grave. Cash paid Peter Many for the board of Negro Silvey when sick.. cash paid  S. Lodain, Negro for washing.

Jan. 1763-1769 Caleb Luff guardian to Margret Rodney presents account. Negro Woman Cecilia bought of Caleb Luff.

15 Feb. 1780 Benjamin Hazell guardian  to  Fidelia Robertson minor of John Rogerson of Philadelphia. One Negro girl named Chloe valued at 45 pounds.

12 August 1807 - Personal Estate of Mathew Clark, decd. Account. James Finsthwait be charged with difference between appraised value and sold value of Negro boy Robert and Negro boy Richard.

12 August 1807 - In the Orphans Court , balance overpaid  the difference of the appraised value of Negroes Richard, Patrick, Robert and Matthew and the sum  for which they are sold.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Repost of Sentimental Sunday ~ Retta Swanson Faunt and boys from Martha Street

So thrilled to receive this picture from the past of my Grandmother Margaretta Swanson Faunt and two of my uncles from my cousin Donald Ulmer. Retta died when my mother ( not yet born in this picture) was 3 . This is very likely the house Mom was born in, Martha Street, Kensington, Philadelphia. Very few images or tales of her have survived.

Don's mother Bessie Swanson Ulmer and Retta were close in age and devoted to each other. A picture of Aunt Bessie taken by Retta was said to be taken in the back of the house. The boys look so happy and I suspect they were looking at their Aunt Bess and their Grandpop Dick Swanson.

A happy day for me also to receive this! Thanks Cousin!

reposted due to picture problem

Those Places Thursday- Carrows of Blunts Creek Beaufort NC

 My good friend and distant cousin Donald Carrow and I are working on the North Carolina Carrow line for a publication of his. We now know a lot about "our" family through research and genetic genealogy that was not know before. I am so very grateful to live in a time when we can piece together a picture of the past by using a variety of puzzle pieces, similar to doing a mixed media piece of artwork.

The Carrow family is visible in Virginia before 1643, presumably on the Western Shore of Virginia. My Carrows were Eastern Shore folks and his were in Eastern North Carolina by 1700. Some of it is still hidden in the mists of time and some of it jumps right out at us courtesy of newer transcribed records and DNA. He and I connect in an autosomal "cousin match"as distant cousins; he and another Carrow cousin of mine are exact Y line matches.

We stumbled across one another almost 10 years ago via the internet working on our respective lines.
Today we can look back in time and see Thomas Carrow, his son John and grandson Henry in the Carolinas as they were opened up for settlement and a bit later here on Blunts Creek. We also identify John and Henry Carrow and a succession of John Carrows moving from Accomac Virginia to Dorchester MD and into Duck Creek Delaware.

The puzzle pieces are starting to show a recognizable pictorial narrative of an early immigrant family.
We are proud to have helped to put it together.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday ~ Hyde County NC Wills

As always, for friends and relatives who are looking for their ancestors.

The following exhibits a list of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Benjamin Foreman, dec'd., which came to my hands as guardian of Margaret T. Foreman, which said Negroes were surrendered to me by Samuel W. Ellis administrator, by order of the judge of Superior Court November Term 1834. Surrender made the 3rd January 1835 and the Negroes hired out on the same day, to wit:
  • York hired by Jos. S. May
  • July hired by Tilman Farrow
  • Gabrial hired by B.B. Ashby
  • Prince hired by W.R. Smith
  • Kent  hired by Thos. H. Smith
  • George hired by Thos. Mason
  • Ned hired by Jesse M. Silverthorn
  • Ross hired by Jos. S. May
  • Washington hired by Christopher Spencer
  • Jim hired by George Tooley, Sen.
  • Jack Rew hired by Laban Ballance
  • Little Jack hired by John Dixon
  • Mingo hired by W.G. Hays
  • Cuff hired by W.R. Smith
  • Sutton hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Calvin hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Yallou (Yellow?) George hired by A.B. Jarvis
  • Tom hired by A.B. Jarvis
  • Richard hired by Franklin Dixon
  • Bill hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Emanuel hired by W.W. Tison
  • David hired by A.B. Swindell
  • Denis hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Ben hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Jabez hired by Matthew Shaw
  • Marcellas hired by W.R. Smith
  • Amos hired by John Bell, Jr.
  • Lewis hired by Ben S. Russell   
  • Cate (Died the 14 Jany.)
  • Keziah hired by Abram Richards
  • Patt hired by Tho. Seabrook
  • Silva hired by Major Tooly
  • Patience hired by Jesse M. Silverthorn
  • Temp hired by Charles Moles   
  • Matilda hired by A.C. Duke
  • Little Silva hired by Thos. Carrow
  • Amy hired byBen O'Neal
  • Rhoda hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Aivy? hired by James Credle
  • Susan hired by Joshua B. Fortiscue
  • Ann hired by Samuel W. Ellis
  • Jane hired by Luther S. Eborn
  • Vilot & child hired by W.I. Smith
  • Phillis & child hired by Ben S. Russell
  • Dinah & 3 children hired by Sam W. Ellis
  • Little Patience and 2 children hired by W.H. Russell   
  • Pegg & 2 children hired by James H. Seabrooks
  • Sall & 2 children hired by Barna Tooly
  • Jinnett & 4? children to keep by Banister Midgett
  • Vinny & 2 children to keep by Benj. N. Henry
  • Malvina & 3 children to keep by A.B. Jarvis

[signed] Banister MIDGETT, Guardian

Inventory of the property of Benjamin Forman, dec'd., which came into the possession of Sam. W. Ellis,Adm'r.
Numerous notes and judgments listed (some listed as doubtful)
Names and ages of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Benjamin Forman, deceased March 1834
  • Old Gabe - 75
  • Old July - 75
  • Old Prince - 70
  • Old York - 60
  • Old George - 60
  • Kent - 55
  • Ross - 55
  • Prince - 55
  • Mingo - 55
  • Ned - 50
  • Sutton - 40
  • Jack Rew - 40
  • Jim - 40
  • Washington - 35
  • Jack - 32
  • George - 32
  • Tom - 30
  • Calvin - 25
  • Richard - 18
  • Bill - 16
  • Dave - 15
  • Denice - 14
  • Amos - 11
  • Lewis - 10
  • Manuel - 16
  • Ben - 12
  • Theodore - 10
  • Marcillus - 9
  • Silvester - 6
  • Jabe - 12
  • Ellick - 3
  • Aunestes? - 9
  • Alfred - 8
  • Joe - 1
  • Little Ned - 4
  • Redding - 1 month
  • Caleb - 1 month
  • Silvy - 50
  • Patience - 50
  • Kate - 50
  • Kessiah - 50
  • Dinah - 50
  • Tempey - 45
  • Violet - 40
  • Phillis - 40
  • Pat - 40
  • Peg - 35
  • Winney - 35
  • Jennett - 30
  • Little Patience - 30
  • Malvine - 20
  • Sally - 20
  • Matilda - 16
  • Rhoda - 16
  • Suky - 12
  • Ann - 10
  • Bet - 8
  • Alley - 15
  • Aby - 14
  • Matthier? - 6
  • Harriet - 3
  • Dinah - 2
  • Caroline - 4
  • Prusia - 1
  • Ellen - 5
  • Little Silvy - 8
  • Emily - 6
  • Jane - 14
Account of sales of the property of Benjamin Forman, dec'd., commencing 24th & ending 28th March 1834 on 6 months credit by the adm'r.
Various buyers at this huge sale included: Joseph F. Anthony, Wm. Bon, Joseph Bridgman, Nathaniel Cradle, Martin Cradle, Moses Carter, Thomas Capps,Augustus Dukes, Henry Dillon, Beverly Easter, Banister dgett and Joseph G. Gown. The total of this sale including notes and judgments amounted to $9051.02. Done at Germanton.
[signed] Sam W. Ellis, Adm'r.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Maritime Monday~ Wreck of the Whaler "Thomas Winslow"

My cousins were told by my Great Aunt Bessie Swanson Ulmer,that her mother Mary Agnes Rementer Swanson, was the daughter of a whaler from Canada. Over the last few years, as I pieced the family tale together,I found that Charles Rementer was from a Philadelphia family ,and that he met Margaret Lynch in Massachusetts. The Lynches may have emigrated to Nova Scotia from West Cork; Charles Rementer, however,was clearly a whaler.

                                                    Wreck of a Whaler

The Thomas Winslow in a Hurricane-Seven Seamen Washed Overboard and Lost-The Remainder of the Crew Rescued. From the New York Times Sept. 15, 1869

Captain Russell, of the Whaling Bark Thomas Winslow, reports that at 5 AM on the 8th of September he was forced to lay into a hurricane 150 miles east of Cape May. At 10AM the ship was thrown on her beam ends, with the mastheads under. The cabin skylights, companionway and the fore scuttle were washed away and the ship began to fill. When the ship went over all but four men gained a place on the mizzen chains, the sea breaking completely over her.

Eventually righted but unable to move in the water their hope for a chance for life was to be taken off before dark by a passing ship. The T.H.A. Pitt got them off before dark and later transferred them eventually to The Danish brig Jyland , Captain Hoffding which brought them to New York.

Seven lives where lost in all: John A. Amos of Jamaica Plains,Rufus Dexter of Marion,Henry Wingard a German and Mauel a Portugeuse, and three French Creoles whose names are unknown.

The Thomas Winslow was a New Bedford Vessel

At the same time I find the following records: Charles Remetta on the Bark Hector in 1852, residence Philadelphia, Greenhand, Charles Rementer on the Maria Theresa in 1854 Boatsteerer, Charles Rementer on the Elizabeth in 1867 ( aged 36) 5'7" skin light... at this link below.

Margaret Lynch and Charles Rementer married June 30, 1858 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow Friday, Friends of Friends Friday~ Mary Warshaw

 While looking for records to prove a Carrow line in North Carolina I came across some wills with names of enslaved persons. As I looked for more I came up with names of free persons of color and other persons of color. These I look for almost constantly for my friend Dan Carrow.I hope they prove of interest to others as well.

The Blog author is, like myself, an artist and researcher. I like this history she has done, it is very informative and illustrated superbly. Thank you for this Blogpost Mary Warshaw, Thomas Carrow is probably a distant relative, which is how it came to my attention.


A Friend of Friends Friday - Hyde County NC Wills

I discovered the following in Hyde County Wills while looking for other records specifically Carrow in North Carolina. They connect to my Delaware family in their DNA and we conjecture descend from John Carrow who is in Virginia  by 1643.A typical "one went North and one went South" tale of brothers. While  doing this I found a blog on free persons of color  and other persons of color which I will follow in the next blog today.

 1822- 1826 Ruth Gibbs in account with Tho. R. Gibbs, minor,  Mentions hire of Negro Frank and keeping Dorcas and her 3 children

August 1823 Ruthy Gibbs of Hyde Co. Probate: None Listed Son: Thomas R. Gibbs to have one Negro man named Jonas and one Negro woman named Sarah and her 3 children, Green, Sophia and Cassandra

Account of sales of the Negroes of Tucker Spencer, dec'd., sold 22nd
March 1821 Tony sold to Saml. Spencer Sr. for $20.00 Joe sold to Saml. Spencer,
Senr. for $225.00 Lyza sold to Aquilla Spencer for $117.00

16th June 1821 Account of sales of the perishable property of Washington Gibbs, Junr., dec'd Mentions Negro Quash

21st June 1821An inventory and account of sales of the property of Wm. Jordan, widow Matilda. Acct. of Negroes hired out: Mike,Sampson, Poladore?, Risiah, Patt, Anthony, Ceagon, Will, Albert, Jude,

July 1821 Wm. M. Gibbs in account with Ambrose Gibbs, guardian .Mentions hire of Negro Margaret

6 June 1821 /Proved: November Term 1821 .Elizabeth Tooley of Hyde County. Negro man named Prince,Negro woman named Pat,Negro woman named Patt, Negro boy named Bill,Negro girl named Millis.

29 October 1817/Probate: November Term 1821 Mary Jordan of Hyde Co.Executors: 3 sons, Whyriott Ormond to have Willis, Violet and Sam, Daniel W. Martin  to have Reuben, Robt., Vester, ______, ______, & Clarisy, and Seth B.Jordan to have Solomon, Andrew, Edy &

17 Oct 1820/Probate: November Term 1820 Benjamin GIBBS of Hyde Co.,Wife Mary Gibbs 4 Negroes, viz: Jack, Chane, Bet and old Jinny. Son Benjamin Gibbs 1/2 of 7 Negroes named Milly, Moriah, Bartlet, Seth, Gibbs, Easter & Becca. Also Negro man Sharper and old Adam. Daughter Nancy Gibbs Negro boy Aaron and 1/2 of 7 Negroes above. Daughter Mandy Gibbs 4 Negroes Bob, Dinah,Edney and Minra. Son Lockhard Gibbs, 4 Negroes Elijah,Wilson , Lydia & Elizar.
Wit. John Carrow


Monday, March 11, 2013

Matrilineal Monday - Mary Agnes Rementer and her DNA

The baptismal certificate of Mary Agnes was the first document I ever saw for my direct matrilineal line, sent to all of us in the family by her grandson my cousin Donald Ulmer. Her daughter, Margaretta Schubert Swanson, my grandmother, died young and tragically when my mother was three years old. Don's mother, my Great Aunt Bessie, her sister was close to her in age.

I could write volumes about this line, so important to my cousins and I. Possibly the most important  fact is that all of us who are descended in the straight maternal line share her mitochondrial DNA haplogroup. This twisted strand  holds together generations of our family. My daughter has passed it on to her sons, where it stops for my children, female to female is how it is passed. The term for that is to "daughter out".

My mother Elizabeth Louise Faunt  passed this to me from her mother Margarettta. Retta is her turn received it from Mary Agnes; Mary Agnes from her mother Margaret Lynch who we knew was from Cork.Her origin place is practically all we did know, except that Margaret met and married Charles Rementer a whaler from Philadelphia in New England. The tale got sort of twisted and murky as it was passed down from to us;Aunt Bessie, the family historian may or may not have ever met her grandmother as she was the youngest daughter of many children.

Charles Rementer, a whaler who survived his ship being wrecked in the Atlantic, in later years turned back to his Philadelphia family's occupation as gardener. Margaret Lynch Rementer, widow, on his death in September 1900 took over his business. We are not sure where she dies, her only son and daughter remained in the Burlington County area so it is possible she return to NJ from Rhode Island.

Another cousin, Danny Ulmer, who spent summer vacations with Aunt Bessie, his grandmother told me that  Margaret was a cousin to John L. Sullivan. Hmmm.

Imagine my surprise, when I first tested my mitochondrial DNA, and matched another family from Cork. This family and mine not only had a "rare" haplogroup but we share a "private mutation" and the entire coding region. This means that it originated and was shared by a very small group of folks. Tom H. my mito cousin and I have explored this to the nth degree. Experts in the fields have weighed in on our private mutation. Our haplogroup is  called J2b1a1a  and the last bit is shared by only the  other family as well as our own, at least so far as we have yet discovered.

What else has DNA  shown us, you might ask? We have a great number of cousins on this line, all of them from West Cork;Sullivans are matches as of course is Lynch and occasionally O'Shea. John L.Sullivan could easily be  a cousin as John McDermot my intrepid Irish researcher has proven to me. John McD. and my DNA cousins have pointed to the Beara Peninsula as our matrilineal origin place. Specifically the Sullivans are from Kerry  on the Cork borders.

Just a little cheek swab and some money for research has opened a window into our past.Yes, Aunt Bessie, they came into Canada first.Nova Scotia is most likely.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow Friday ~ Chris Paton, British Genes and John D. Reid Anglo-Celtic Connections

Today I have followed John D.Reid as he announces  Lord Viscount Morpeth's Testimonial Roll from 1841  and challenges me to figure out exactly where my Fant ancestors are situated.. Well Patrick Fant PP ( Parish Priest) is in  Templemore, where his church was located. Another Patrick Fant and James Fant are near to each other so that is either Kilmallock Ireland or nearby Cork as I can see Slatterys, Hickeys and Cunninghams nearby..

However two men named James Pant and James Phant are a puzzle..I will look now..

John D. Reid's blog

and he cites Chris Paton, who was a beta tester

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Guardians Records

Delaware began to divest itself of slavery when Caesar Rodney proposed amendments to the new constitution, by 1797 slaves could not be sold out of Delaware.

October 1789-Sept. 1796. Jacob Stout to guardian to Rebecca Allee minor daughter on Abraham Allee decd. renders account of his guradianship...hireage of three Negro men Prince, Bill and Ners.

March 1771 - Thomas Cahoon guardian to William Arthur a minor son of Robert Arthur decd. exhibits accounts..to the hire of a Negro man Jack and a Negro woman Sal.

February 1779 - Thomas Murphy guardian to Stephen Barns minor son of John Barns esqr. decd...wages of Negro Jack  and Negro Rose.

May 7, 1794 - Doctor William McKee guardian to John and Sarah Banning minor children of John Banning esqr. decd. ( and husband of Elizabeth Banning widow)prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value of  the minors lands..No.6 a plantation back in the forrest bought of Smithers in the tenure of Negro Joseph valued at L7.10 per annum.

Dec. 1795-1800 - William Harper guardian to Mary Barnett minor daughter of Moses Barnett.Paid Negro girl Pricilla.

Jan. 10, 1822 - James Barratt guardian to Nathaniel Barratt son of George Barratt and devisee of Andrew Barratt..prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value.. 180 a. of cleared land and & and an out house occupied by Solomon Rickards ( Negro) value at $58 per annum.

Nov. 1798 - Ebenezer Blackiston guardian of John Blackiston ( son of George) presents account..Boarding Negro boy Jack. 5 years 1 month  work of Negro boy Mike to 15 Dec. 1795.

A series of Accounts 1795-1799 - William Collins Snr. guardian  to John Blackshear minor sonof Morgan Blackshear decd. presents account of his guardianship.Cash paid Negro Pink for repairing corn crib & kitchen..Corn  received of Mason Miller Negro.

May 1790-May 1797 - Mary McBride admn. of  Robert McBride decd. former guardian of Charles Brown minor son of Benjamin Brown. Boarding and cloathing his Negro boy James 7 years.

4 April 1797 - Deed of Gift - Isaac Buckingham of Little Creek Hundred for love goodwill and affection...to Howell Buckingham a Negro girl names Phillis and her son Sampson.To my son Isaac Buckingham a Negro man Simon and and also to Isaac the first son that Phillis has that lives. To my daughter Ann a Negro girl named Fann. To my daughter a Negro girl named Flora. To my wife Margaret Buckingham  a Negro man named Jack and the first  female child that Phillis has that lives.
Note that by 1790 Margaret Buckingham was wife of Thomas Lamb.

This completes the A/C book.

Thankful Thursday~ 50 persons from Northampton-Accomac to Maryland in 1661

John Carrow is in Accomac County in 1643, however despite knowing that fact,the country he came from cannot be ascertained. I have decided to go back and read his earliest interactions for clues.
In 1663 he is living on John Milby's plantation and he and Milby have problems. John Milby had bought Jenkin Price's plantation and while searching I found this:

Governor Calvert, desiring to populate the county from which Somerset County, Maryland would be formed, offered anyone willing to settle in this region fifty free acres of land as well as an offer of religious freedom. About fifty people left the Northampton-Accomac, Virginia area to settle in Maryland,  'within the first six months following its proclamation in November 1661'   

With few exceptions the persons named in the above list came from Northampton-Accomack County, in Virginia, viz: [Stephen] Horsey, [Ambrose] Dixon, Thomas Price, [Henry] Boston, [Henry] Hart, Draper, George Johnson, [William] Coulbourne, Curtis, Hasfurt, London, Williams, Minshall, Tull, Catlin,Revell, Elzey, Thorne, Anthony Johnson, Furnish ( in later records Furnis and Furnes), Bosman, Westlocke, Barnabe, Boyes (Boyce), Nutter, Gillis, Covington, Waller, Jenkin Price, Walley, Wale (later Whaley), Dennis, Manlove, Quillaine, Townsend, James Jones and Rice."

Two of these men are my ancestors. Thankfully and happily I am sharing this bit of wisdom today.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - Fants of Virginia

I had  two  records for this week  and wanted related ones to add if I could. I came across this link which I had not seen before. Virginia Court records site with a new addition.


May Term 1843. James W. Fant, administrator, of the estate of Elias Fant, dec’d, filed a petition announcing that distribution of the estate cannot be made, and requesting an order to sell four negroes, viz: Daphne and her three children, Thomas, Maria, and Margaret in order to make the distribution. Defendants Benjamin S Fant, Elias T. Fant, Simon Fant, and Mary E.B. Moore, are not residents of the State of Mississippi.Witnesses and executors were Elias Fant, David and Elias Hansbrough Stafford County VA            

  As well as  Joseph Fant who dies in Stafford County
                               Inventory of the Joseph Fant Estate,Stafford County VA
Slaves                                                   Pounds
Isam                                                      100
William                                                 100
Hylliard, a boy                                      105
Milly, a woman                                       50
Betty, a girl                                              60
Mary, a young woman                          100

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tech Tuesday - Limerick and Who Was Who in Medieval Days

I am ever so fortunate to live in an age of technology and digital records. I have been working for several years with a superb researcher from Ireland, John McDermot and have made huge  breakthroughs in my lines.

When I started I had my great grandparents marriages in New Jersey and their parents names and a possibility on Patrick Faunt's birth in Limerick City in 1865, thanks to my cousin Francis Faunt. Additionally I had a big clue in that Francis had tested his Y ( male) DNA at the Genographic project and interestingly matched a man whose family was in Virginia before 1700. They spelled it Fant and knew little about origins of their family except that a castle called Fantstown existed in Limerick.

John and I then began our work, or should I say his work. He first told me that Patrick Faunt's birth was reported by William Faunt, a private soldier, in Limerick and referred me a a military record specialist, Bob O'Hara. I was again fortunate as Mr. O'Hara found two soldiers for me for the price of one report. Patrick and William Fant were born in Fethard Tipperary and seemed to be related.I wrote  about Pat and Will last week and Patrick's son James yesterday on the Geneabloggers topic "Military Monday".

Now maybe five or six years later the story has evolved. At least sixteen Fant Font or Faunt men have tested their DNA and thirteen of them prove to be of the same lines. My first cousin Francis is equidistant between the early American line  and the known Irish lines which we are part of. We have a DNA group on Ancestry.com and a fifty member group on Facebook called, guess what? Faunt, Fant,Font.

This year has had added benefits for someone like myself who is obsessed with my Irish roots. My DNA indicates I am 79.8% Irish and I know many of the family lineages now. I am so very excited to have run across two important pieces of work on Limerick history.

One of the documents that I found here was compiled by Alan O'Driscoll and continued by Brian Hodkinson.  That one is called Who Was Who in Early Modern Limerick  and "it  is a continuation of the Who Was Who in Medieval Limerick"  I am so grateful to these fine gentleman scholars and their  work. If the texts do not come up on the Limerick Museum site then do what I did and use Google.

From both of these texts I find my Faunt/Fant men living here in Limerick since the 13th century. Additionally it sheds light on their linkages to Kildare, Louth and surrounding areas including Fethard Tipperary where my  Patrick and William Faunt were born as Fant. Their father William Fant was a Nailer as were they in the British Army and they were born on the Cashel Road where Nailers had housing.

Thanks to the fine research I also find new cousins and other ancestors like Lynch,Moloney,Slattery and Cunningham in the Limerick Cork Tipperary area
                                                       Fantstown Castle Limerick
I am grateful I live in the digital age and to my ancestors.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Military Monday - James Fant of Cork Ireland

James Fant son of Patrick

James Faunt was born in Barrinton Cork Ireland a Military Barracks town to Patrick Faunt a soldier from Fethard Tipperary and Margaret Dwane also from Fethard. In the 1901 census James and his wife Margaret and daughter Mary M. born that year are living on Little Cross Street with his parents.Mary Faunt is from Cappaquin Waterford.
Patrick Faunt is said to be blind and he subsists on his soldiers pension. James is a baker and living with them is a married sister Mary Dinham.
Patrick Faunt and his brother William, my ancestor were in the British Army and although  their birth records indicate them as the Irish spelled "Fant", began to spell it Faunt as they got a yearly pension.
William Faunt the oldest son of the family emigrates to New York City in 1888 at 20 years of age.