Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday~ 50 persons from Northampton-Accomac to Maryland in 1661

John Carrow is in Accomac County in 1643, however despite knowing that fact,the country he came from cannot be ascertained. I have decided to go back and read his earliest interactions for clues.
In 1663 he is living on John Milby's plantation and he and Milby have problems. John Milby had bought Jenkin Price's plantation and while searching I found this:

Governor Calvert, desiring to populate the county from which Somerset County, Maryland would be formed, offered anyone willing to settle in this region fifty free acres of land as well as an offer of religious freedom. About fifty people left the Northampton-Accomac, Virginia area to settle in Maryland,  'within the first six months following its proclamation in November 1661'   

With few exceptions the persons named in the above list came from Northampton-Accomack County, in Virginia, viz: [Stephen] Horsey, [Ambrose] Dixon, Thomas Price, [Henry] Boston, [Henry] Hart, Draper, George Johnson, [William] Coulbourne, Curtis, Hasfurt, London, Williams, Minshall, Tull, Catlin,Revell, Elzey, Thorne, Anthony Johnson, Furnish ( in later records Furnis and Furnes), Bosman, Westlocke, Barnabe, Boyes (Boyce), Nutter, Gillis, Covington, Waller, Jenkin Price, Walley, Wale (later Whaley), Dennis, Manlove, Quillaine, Townsend, James Jones and Rice."

Two of these men are my ancestors. Thankfully and happily I am sharing this bit of wisdom today.

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