Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Guardians Records

Delaware began to divest itself of slavery when Caesar Rodney proposed amendments to the new constitution, by 1797 slaves could not be sold out of Delaware.

October 1789-Sept. 1796. Jacob Stout to guardian to Rebecca Allee minor daughter on Abraham Allee decd. renders account of his guradianship...hireage of three Negro men Prince, Bill and Ners.

March 1771 - Thomas Cahoon guardian to William Arthur a minor son of Robert Arthur decd. exhibits the hire of a Negro man Jack and a Negro woman Sal.

February 1779 - Thomas Murphy guardian to Stephen Barns minor son of John Barns esqr. decd...wages of Negro Jack  and Negro Rose.

May 7, 1794 - Doctor William McKee guardian to John and Sarah Banning minor children of John Banning esqr. decd. ( and husband of Elizabeth Banning widow)prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value of  the minors lands..No.6 a plantation back in the forrest bought of Smithers in the tenure of Negro Joseph valued at L7.10 per annum.

Dec. 1795-1800 - William Harper guardian to Mary Barnett minor daughter of Moses Barnett.Paid Negro girl Pricilla.

Jan. 10, 1822 - James Barratt guardian to Nathaniel Barratt son of George Barratt and devisee of Andrew Barratt..prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value.. 180 a. of cleared land and & and an out house occupied by Solomon Rickards ( Negro) value at $58 per annum.

Nov. 1798 - Ebenezer Blackiston guardian of John Blackiston ( son of George) presents account..Boarding Negro boy Jack. 5 years 1 month  work of Negro boy Mike to 15 Dec. 1795.

A series of Accounts 1795-1799 - William Collins Snr. guardian  to John Blackshear minor sonof Morgan Blackshear decd. presents account of his guardianship.Cash paid Negro Pink for repairing corn crib & kitchen..Corn  received of Mason Miller Negro.

May 1790-May 1797 - Mary McBride admn. of  Robert McBride decd. former guardian of Charles Brown minor son of Benjamin Brown. Boarding and cloathing his Negro boy James 7 years.

4 April 1797 - Deed of Gift - Isaac Buckingham of Little Creek Hundred for love goodwill and Howell Buckingham a Negro girl names Phillis and her son Sampson.To my son Isaac Buckingham a Negro man Simon and and also to Isaac the first son that Phillis has that lives. To my daughter Ann a Negro girl named Fann. To my daughter a Negro girl named Flora. To my wife Margaret Buckingham  a Negro man named Jack and the first  female child that Phillis has that lives.
Note that by 1790 Margaret Buckingham was wife of Thomas Lamb.

This completes the A/C book.

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