Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday- One Family ~ Carrows of Delmarva and North Carolina

                                                          Carrow House  Bath NC
So very thankful today that after seven years of DNA testing and eleven years of genealogical work we know that  at least one line from the North Carolina Carrows and at least one line from the Delaware Carrows descend from the same male. We are all distant and not so distant cousins. Would we know this without the advent of DNA testing? Quite possibly not as definitively.

I should really say that today I am very thankful that I live in such a time where DNA testing and computer research has become commonplace and affordable. Thankful also that I have been able to afford such a hobby financially and time wise, as I could have been still working. Thanks Jim!

I am enraptured at the serendipity that led Jim and I to North Carolina in retirement where I happened upon the research on our family. Thankful that I found distant cousin Don who took this journey with me. Thankful indeed for the new cousins who are just as thrilled as we are.

Just imagine, a man came from the British Isles very, very, long ago and despite all odds founded a small family that still exists. When John Carrow came in 1643 the Britain that he left was barely past the middle ages to come to a country where  conditions were  primitive and wild. Living conditions were stark at best and abysmal at worst. That he had one or more children who lived to move up and down the eastern seaboard and themselves have families is astounding.

We do not know for sure if John Carrow was joined by brothers or cousins whose names were not registered and if he himself was the patriarch  of all of us. The research suggests that he may have been. We are all grateful for whatever life event led to his journey and now, of course, hope that we will finally be able to figure out from whence he came.

Surely a day to celebrate our family.

                                      Idalia Manor ~ Carrow farm in St.Georges Delaware

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  1. Congratulations kathleen to you and to the rest of the family.....