Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Guardians Records

Delaware began to divest itself of slavery when Caesar Rodney proposed amendments to the new constitution, by 1797 slaves could not be sold out of Delaware.

October 1789-Sept. 1796. Jacob Stout to guardian to Rebecca Allee minor daughter on Abraham Allee decd. renders account of his guradianship...hireage of three Negro men Prince, Bill and Ners.

March 1771 - Thomas Cahoon guardian to William Arthur a minor son of Robert Arthur decd. exhibits the hire of a Negro man Jack and a Negro woman Sal.

February 1779 - Thomas Murphy guardian to Stephen Barns minor son of John Barns esqr. decd...wages of Negro Jack  and Negro Rose.

May 7, 1794 - Doctor William McKee guardian to John and Sarah Banning minor children of John Banning esqr. decd. ( and husband of Elizabeth Banning widow)prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value of  the minors lands..No.6 a plantation back in the forrest bought of Smithers in the tenure of Negro Joseph valued at L7.10 per annum.

Dec. 1795-1800 - William Harper guardian to Mary Barnett minor daughter of Moses Barnett.Paid Negro girl Pricilla.

Jan. 10, 1822 - James Barratt guardian to Nathaniel Barratt son of George Barratt and devisee of Andrew Barratt..prays the court to make a just estimate of the annual value.. 180 a. of cleared land and & and an out house occupied by Solomon Rickards ( Negro) value at $58 per annum.

Nov. 1798 - Ebenezer Blackiston guardian of John Blackiston ( son of George) presents account..Boarding Negro boy Jack. 5 years 1 month  work of Negro boy Mike to 15 Dec. 1795.

A series of Accounts 1795-1799 - William Collins Snr. guardian  to John Blackshear minor sonof Morgan Blackshear decd. presents account of his guardianship.Cash paid Negro Pink for repairing corn crib & kitchen..Corn  received of Mason Miller Negro.

May 1790-May 1797 - Mary McBride admn. of  Robert McBride decd. former guardian of Charles Brown minor son of Benjamin Brown. Boarding and cloathing his Negro boy James 7 years.

4 April 1797 - Deed of Gift - Isaac Buckingham of Little Creek Hundred for love goodwill and Howell Buckingham a Negro girl names Phillis and her son Sampson.To my son Isaac Buckingham a Negro man Simon and and also to Isaac the first son that Phillis has that lives. To my daughter Ann a Negro girl named Fann. To my daughter a Negro girl named Flora. To my wife Margaret Buckingham  a Negro man named Jack and the first  female child that Phillis has that lives.
Note that by 1790 Margaret Buckingham was wife of Thomas Lamb.

This completes the A/C book.

Thankful Thursday~ 50 persons from Northampton-Accomac to Maryland in 1661

John Carrow is in Accomac County in 1643, however despite knowing that fact,the country he came from cannot be ascertained. I have decided to go back and read his earliest interactions for clues.
In 1663 he is living on John Milby's plantation and he and Milby have problems. John Milby had bought Jenkin Price's plantation and while searching I found this:

Governor Calvert, desiring to populate the county from which Somerset County, Maryland would be formed, offered anyone willing to settle in this region fifty free acres of land as well as an offer of religious freedom. About fifty people left the Northampton-Accomac, Virginia area to settle in Maryland,  'within the first six months following its proclamation in November 1661'   

With few exceptions the persons named in the above list came from Northampton-Accomack County, in Virginia, viz: [Stephen] Horsey, [Ambrose] Dixon, Thomas Price, [Henry] Boston, [Henry] Hart, Draper, George Johnson, [William] Coulbourne, Curtis, Hasfurt, London, Williams, Minshall, Tull, Catlin,Revell, Elzey, Thorne, Anthony Johnson, Furnish ( in later records Furnis and Furnes), Bosman, Westlocke, Barnabe, Boyes (Boyce), Nutter, Gillis, Covington, Waller, Jenkin Price, Walley, Wale (later Whaley), Dennis, Manlove, Quillaine, Townsend, James Jones and Rice."

Two of these men are my ancestors. Thankfully and happily I am sharing this bit of wisdom today.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - Fants of Virginia

I had  two  records for this week  and wanted related ones to add if I could. I came across this link which I had not seen before. Virginia Court records site with a new addition.


May Term 1843. James W. Fant, administrator, of the estate of Elias Fant, dec’d, filed a petition announcing that distribution of the estate cannot be made, and requesting an order to sell four negroes, viz: Daphne and her three children, Thomas, Maria, and Margaret in order to make the distribution. Defendants Benjamin S Fant, Elias T. Fant, Simon Fant, and Mary E.B. Moore, are not residents of the State of Mississippi.Witnesses and executors were Elias Fant, David and Elias Hansbrough Stafford County VA            

  As well as  Joseph Fant who dies in Stafford County
                               Inventory of the Joseph Fant Estate,Stafford County VA
Slaves                                                   Pounds
Isam                                                      100
William                                                 100
Hylliard, a boy                                      105
Milly, a woman                                       50
Betty, a girl                                              60
Mary, a young woman                          100

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tech Tuesday - Limerick and Who Was Who in Medieval Days

I am ever so fortunate to live in an age of technology and digital records. I have been working for several years with a superb researcher from Ireland, John McDermot and have made huge  breakthroughs in my lines.

When I started I had my great grandparents marriages in New Jersey and their parents names and a possibility on Patrick Faunt's birth in Limerick City in 1865, thanks to my cousin Francis Faunt. Additionally I had a big clue in that Francis had tested his Y ( male) DNA at the Genographic project and interestingly matched a man whose family was in Virginia before 1700. They spelled it Fant and knew little about origins of their family except that a castle called Fantstown existed in Limerick.

John and I then began our work, or should I say his work. He first told me that Patrick Faunt's birth was reported by William Faunt, a private soldier, in Limerick and referred me a a military record specialist, Bob O'Hara. I was again fortunate as Mr. O'Hara found two soldiers for me for the price of one report. Patrick and William Fant were born in Fethard Tipperary and seemed to be related.I wrote  about Pat and Will last week and Patrick's son James yesterday on the Geneabloggers topic "Military Monday".

Now maybe five or six years later the story has evolved. At least sixteen Fant Font or Faunt men have tested their DNA and thirteen of them prove to be of the same lines. My first cousin Francis is equidistant between the early American line  and the known Irish lines which we are part of. We have a DNA group on and a fifty member group on Facebook called, guess what? Faunt, Fant,Font.

This year has had added benefits for someone like myself who is obsessed with my Irish roots. My DNA indicates I am 79.8% Irish and I know many of the family lineages now. I am so very excited to have run across two important pieces of work on Limerick history.

One of the documents that I found here was compiled by Alan O'Driscoll and continued by Brian Hodkinson.  That one is called Who Was Who in Early Modern Limerick  and "it  is a continuation of the Who Was Who in Medieval Limerick"  I am so grateful to these fine gentleman scholars and their  work. If the texts do not come up on the Limerick Museum site then do what I did and use Google.

From both of these texts I find my Faunt/Fant men living here in Limerick since the 13th century. Additionally it sheds light on their linkages to Kildare, Louth and surrounding areas including Fethard Tipperary where my  Patrick and William Faunt were born as Fant. Their father William Fant was a Nailer as were they in the British Army and they were born on the Cashel Road where Nailers had housing.

Thanks to the fine research I also find new cousins and other ancestors like Lynch,Moloney,Slattery and Cunningham in the Limerick Cork Tipperary area
                                                       Fantstown Castle Limerick
I am grateful I live in the digital age and to my ancestors.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Military Monday - James Fant of Cork Ireland

James Fant son of Patrick

James Faunt was born in Barrinton Cork Ireland a Military Barracks town to Patrick Faunt a soldier from Fethard Tipperary and Margaret Dwane also from Fethard. In the 1901 census James and his wife Margaret and daughter Mary M. born that year are living on Little Cross Street with his parents.Mary Faunt is from Cappaquin Waterford.
Patrick Faunt is said to be blind and he subsists on his soldiers pension. James is a baker and living with them is a married sister Mary Dinham.
Patrick Faunt and his brother William, my ancestor were in the British Army and although  their birth records indicate them as the Irish spelled "Fant", began to spell it Faunt as they got a yearly pension.
William Faunt the oldest son of the family emigrates to New York City in 1888 at 20 years of age.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - Kent County Delaware Guardian Records

 I am trying for the nearest dates available to the end of slavery although many of most of the records I have worked with are earlier. Delaware began to divest itself of slavery when Ceasar Rodney proposed amendments to the new constitution and by 1797 slaves could not be sold out of Delaware.Those in Kent County then sold into Sussex County.

The Kent County Guardian Account shows for   Feb. 15, 1780 that John Rogerson late of Philadelphia left to Letitia VanDyke ( w/o James Coakley) mother of Fidelia Rogerson, his minor daughter, a negro girl Chloe valued at  45 pounds.
In 1795- 1802  the children of Daniel Hudson petitioned that Daniel died 22 years prior leaving a Negro woman Lish who was "big with child". The child Toney was born months later and never noted in records. In 1802 he was sold for 60 pounds.

May 1798- 1801 By Robert Hilford Guardian, Elizabeth Jackson minor daughter of Joseph Jackson paid labor of Negro man Brister.

 August 1789-Nov. 1791  Sarah Gaskins Adm. of  William Gaskins decd. guardian to Nancy Jackson, minor daughter of Joseph Jackson.Paid for board and nursing said minor's Negro Naomi in her illness of which she died & coffin.Paid cash by John Jackson exectr.

John Jackson guardian to Noah Jackson late of Murderkill Hundred..Negro woman Poll legacy to minor.Paid for midwife for  Negro woman Poll.

A series of accounts August 1818- Dec. 1830 John C. James minor son of Nathan Clifton and Mary James.Paid for boarding a Negro woman Rees and received $64.26 from John Booth decd. guardian.

Daniel James 28 Sept. 1799 bequeathed 50 acres of woodland to Reuben a mulatto man during his natural life. This is part of tract of land devised to Rebecca Sanders called the Plains for her life.Daniel James left a wife with no issue.

A series of accounts 1802-1810. Bolitha Laws and minor children, Matilda cash received for her Negro Peter, Outten Laws guardian paid for boarding Negro Child Levin.

Stephen Paradee devised in his will  that all legacies be divided among the children of my daughter Peggy by Daniel Lewis, three Negroes Jo, Daniel and Phebe and increase of Phebe.Valued at 75 pounds each in 1768.
February 20 1817 " A farm purchased of the widow Ausban where Negro Abraham lived"

The will of George Manlove of Mispillion Hundred 30 May 1799  to my daughter  Sarah Woodmoncey or grandson Matthew Manlove. My Negroes a boy named Ceasor, a boy named Mingo, a boy named Major, a black girl with William Miffin named Sarah, a girl named Alse, all to be free at the age of 28.

Sept. 1783-Feb. 1790 Philip Lewis son of Philip Lewis, hired Negroes Stephen and Moses, my Negro London.

Ephraim Manlove 1736 to my son Obadiah the Negro boy Tone, to my son Obadiah the Negro boy Ishmael.

To Jonathon Manlove son of Matthew Manlove Negro Pompey for 2 years and 2 months. 

5 August 1753 William Manlove to  daughter Elizabeth a Negro Phebe, 5 years and 4 months old to be sold.

 March 1804 Purchase Negro boy Joseph owned by Deborough Manlove decd. heir of Carmon Mason.

This completes book H-M

Monday, February 4, 2013

Military Monday ~ William and Patrick Fant, Fethard Tipperary

The Search for my Great Great Grandfather William Faunt who comes to Beverly New Jersey in 1869. I began with an Irish Researcher who discovered William's occupation. This occurred when he found my Great Grandfather's birth in Limerick City in 1865. His father, who reported the birth was described as a "private soldier". I was quickly referred to a military historian who stated the following.

"I have completed my search for the records of William Faunt.  

I began by searching the Regimental Returns of Births. The only birth registered to this name was a child called William, who was born in Belfast in 1867. His father served with the 3rd of Foot and the reference is volume 776, page 37. There is no way of knowing for certain if this is William's child without ordering the actual certificate.

I then searched the discharge papers of the 3rd of Foot, East Kent Regiment, for the period 1855-1872, held in WO 97/1391. I am pleased to say that William’s papers were in place. There were also papers for a Patrick Faunt, which I have also filmed, as it would seem most likely that he was a relative. Patrick and William were both born in Fethard, Tipperary. Patrick enlisted as Private No 830 into the 2nd battalion of the 3rd Foot on 12th November 1857. He discharged in 1865 and his intended place of residence was Fethard. 

William Faunt enlisted into the same battalion in Cahir as Private No 400 on 8th October 1857 and was aged 18 at the time. He served with the regiment for 9 years and 361 days, of which 6 months was spent in Malta. William’s conduct was classed as Good and he was in possession of 4 Good Conduct Badges. His name had been entered twice in the Regimental Defaulters’ Book.  

William discharged on 12th November 1867 as he was suffering from necrosis and partial anclylosis of the right shoulder joint. The disease arose as a result of a strumous diathesis and was not caused by the service. He had a piece of dead bone in the upper part of his humerous which was causing stiffness and left him unable to perform any movement above shoulder level. It was considered that his disability would materially influence his ability to make a living. His condition had not been aggravated by vice or interference. 

William was aged 28 upon discharge. He had been a nailer by trade prior to his army service. Upon discharge he was 5 feet 7 ½ inches tall with a fair complexion, hazel eyes and light brown hair. His intended place of residence was Belfast. 

I then went on to search for William’s pension record, which I found in WO 116/94. I also searched the final muster roll in which he appeared, WO 12/2183, to see if it contained a Married Roll, which it did. However, there were no soldiers by the name of Faunt on the roll. This does not mean that William was not married at the time, but that his wife was not accompanying the regiment.

Best wishes



Friday, February 1, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday- Henry Carrow and his times

Henry Carrow is a very well documented person in my Carrow line and my 7th great -granduncle.He leaves 30 pounds in Maryland money to one of my John Carrows most probably my 6th great Grandfather who dies in 1776 in Delaware but serves in the Queen Anne County Militia in 1776 prior to his death.

Henry Carrow lives on Kent Island "where the road strikes out to the church to the wading place and then to William Ringgold's plantation where Henry Carroll(Carrow) did live and thence to main road by Richards Carters". He was step grandfather to William Ringgold, Mary Ringgold Blunt,Sarah Ringgold Carter, Thomas Ringgold and Rachel and Susanna Ringgold, married to their mother Grandmother Mary Harris from sometime after 1730 until his death . He also farmed Sarah's Portion purchased from Mathew Erickson on the East side of Kent Island near Stint's Marsh.

Mary Harris Ringgold Godman Carrow was mother of  James Ringgold of  Coxe's Neck, Kent Island whose estate was probated 4/17/1740. The land was situated at the mouth of a gut in a march called "The Marsh where Charles shot the Indian". He leaves to his daughter Sarah Ringgold Carter " a Mulatto boy "Simon"; William Ringgold his 2nd son a "Negro girl Flora"; Rachel Ringgold "a Mulatto boy Lymhouse"; Susanna Ringgold " a Negro girl Finnis".

Henry Carrow on 5/31/1762 leaves to his Godson James Ringgold "Negroes Lymas and Little Jack when he arrives at the age of 21" He leaves to Mary Arnold "Negroes Simon and Sue".

His widow Mary Carrow is deceased by 11/25/1762 and she leaves to William Ringgold grandson " A Negro named Dick"; Mary Carter the "1st. daughter of John Carter a Negro boy Joe"; Samuel Thomas " the 1st. son of Thomas Thomas a Negro boy Will"; James Blunt "grandson a Negro gal Sal"; Thomas Ringgold Jr. " great grandson to have a Negro boy Jack". Mary Carter would be her granddaughter by  her daughter Sarah Ringgold Carter  and her daughter Mary Ringgold Blunt also received property.

It seems that  Simon and Lymas/Lymhouse and  Jack/Little Jack were young in the James Ringgold will in 1740 and were transferred in Mary and Henry Carrow's will

Friends of Friends Friday - DelMarVa

Most of my ancestors came to the Chesapeake Bay or the Delaware River Estuary and clung like burrs to what they found until this day. John Carrow and his relatives are in Accomac Virginia and up into Maryland's Eastern Shore before 1643. They either were not prosperous enough to be slave owners or the political climate, Delaware mostly, was not conducive. In any rate, this week is a collection of wills from the Delmarva, having not quite enough for a single area or state.I am glad that is so.

In South Carolina, Francis Edrington Senior, father of Mildred Edrington Fant and Father-in-law of William Fant allows his son William Edrington to choose between Negroes Giles or Lewis. He further states that  all remaining shall be sold and the money distributed between his heirs, excepting an unnamed three in the possession of Mildred. His children are Mildred, William,Jesse and Francis.Will filed June 10, 1824.

His son-in-law William Fant in the Union District of South Carolina, August 12, 1852 leaves five Negroes and their increase to his wife Mildred. " To Wit Mint ( Araminta?)  and child Sharlotte,Flora, Sam and Jane." Upon Mildred's death or  remarriage the same Negroes are to be divided between Francis M.E. Fant and Samuel F. Fant "Shear and Shear alike". His older children named as James B. Fant,Joseph C. Fant and and Permelia I.A. Fant have already received their share and receive on dollar.

Thanks to friend Bryan Shew for bringing Sharlotte to my attention.

On to Delaware and a few more wills, Delaware beginning to divest itself after the Revolution. Nathaniel  Wilds will brought in by Nathaniel Wilds Jr. of Duck Creek Hundred, January 13, 1800 mentioned a  Negro Boy Jacob. Aaron Kersey on 15 Sept. 1823 mentions "A Negro Bead" Bede? Beal? Bette?, also in Kent County. Hannah Kersey Carrow widow, of Hughett Layton in January 1853, in Layton's  estate inventory mentions "  The Unexpired term of  a black boy called Henry Parker having about one year to serve for $60.