Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Faces From the Past ~ 50 years ago today

50 years ago today, most of these people were together. Ronnie and I were recently married and Jeannie and Mac would soon be engaged.
Jeannie and I were at the Salem Employment Office inquiring about part time jobs. I was enrolled at Glassb
oro State College part time and would take my first course in January..

I feel like I remember that there was a TV station was on at the Employment Office but maybe it was the radio. We did leave. I was stunned.

That night Ronnie and I had arranged to have our marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church. We had had a small civil ceremony for that reason as Ronnie was not yet Catholic. Checking with the priest he felt we should proceed with that plan. Joe Harrington "stood up" with us ..and my sister Carol maybe? I only remember Joe..

St. James church was mobbed with people praying and lighting candles..rosary head coverings ( pre Vatican II).. My church was in mourning for one of their own..a Catholic boy..

My family was in mourning for one of their own.. an Irish boy..

Would anything ever be this bad, my own folk felt?

Apparently it would.. 50 years later we are still divided as a country into Catholic and Protestant...Democrat and Republican..Black and White..

50 years later I still cry..and want to scream and throw things... Because of divisiveness that is just as bad and just as ugly.. uglier maybe? I was young then and idealistic..
I am not sure..

Requiescat In Pace Et Lux Perpetua ~ John Kennedy and Ronald Morrison ~ that is what my ain folk said then and would say now..

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