Thursday, April 4, 2013

Those Places Thursday- Carrows of Blunts Creek Beaufort NC

 My good friend and distant cousin Donald Carrow and I are working on the North Carolina Carrow line for a publication of his. We now know a lot about "our" family through research and genetic genealogy that was not know before. I am so very grateful to live in a time when we can piece together a picture of the past by using a variety of puzzle pieces, similar to doing a mixed media piece of artwork.

The Carrow family is visible in Virginia before 1643, presumably on the Western Shore of Virginia. My Carrows were Eastern Shore folks and his were in Eastern North Carolina by 1700. Some of it is still hidden in the mists of time and some of it jumps right out at us courtesy of newer transcribed records and DNA. He and I connect in an autosomal "cousin match"as distant cousins; he and another Carrow cousin of mine are exact Y line matches.

We stumbled across one another almost 10 years ago via the internet working on our respective lines.
Today we can look back in time and see Thomas Carrow, his son John and grandson Henry in the Carolinas as they were opened up for settlement and a bit later here on Blunts Creek. We also identify John and Henry Carrow and a succession of John Carrows moving from Accomac Virginia to Dorchester MD and into Duck Creek Delaware.

The puzzle pieces are starting to show a recognizable pictorial narrative of an early immigrant family.
We are proud to have helped to put it together.

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