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A Friend of Friends Friday ~ Hyde County NC Wills

As always, for friends and relatives who are looking for their ancestors.

The following exhibits a list of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Benjamin Foreman, dec'd., which came to my hands as guardian of Margaret T. Foreman, which said Negroes were surrendered to me by Samuel W. Ellis administrator, by order of the judge of Superior Court November Term 1834. Surrender made the 3rd January 1835 and the Negroes hired out on the same day, to wit:
  • York hired by Jos. S. May
  • July hired by Tilman Farrow
  • Gabrial hired by B.B. Ashby
  • Prince hired by W.R. Smith
  • Kent  hired by Thos. H. Smith
  • George hired by Thos. Mason
  • Ned hired by Jesse M. Silverthorn
  • Ross hired by Jos. S. May
  • Washington hired by Christopher Spencer
  • Jim hired by George Tooley, Sen.
  • Jack Rew hired by Laban Ballance
  • Little Jack hired by John Dixon
  • Mingo hired by W.G. Hays
  • Cuff hired by W.R. Smith
  • Sutton hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Calvin hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Yallou (Yellow?) George hired by A.B. Jarvis
  • Tom hired by A.B. Jarvis
  • Richard hired by Franklin Dixon
  • Bill hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Emanuel hired by W.W. Tison
  • David hired by A.B. Swindell
  • Denis hired by W.B. Hodges   
  • Ben hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Jabez hired by Matthew Shaw
  • Marcellas hired by W.R. Smith
  • Amos hired by John Bell, Jr.
  • Lewis hired by Ben S. Russell   
  • Cate (Died the 14 Jany.)
  • Keziah hired by Abram Richards
  • Patt hired by Tho. Seabrook
  • Silva hired by Major Tooly
  • Patience hired by Jesse M. Silverthorn
  • Temp hired by Charles Moles   
  • Matilda hired by A.C. Duke
  • Little Silva hired by Thos. Carrow
  • Amy hired byBen O'Neal
  • Rhoda hired by W.B. Hodges
  • Aivy? hired by James Credle
  • Susan hired by Joshua B. Fortiscue
  • Ann hired by Samuel W. Ellis
  • Jane hired by Luther S. Eborn
  • Vilot & child hired by W.I. Smith
  • Phillis & child hired by Ben S. Russell
  • Dinah & 3 children hired by Sam W. Ellis
  • Little Patience and 2 children hired by W.H. Russell   
  • Pegg & 2 children hired by James H. Seabrooks
  • Sall & 2 children hired by Barna Tooly
  • Jinnett & 4? children to keep by Banister Midgett
  • Vinny & 2 children to keep by Benj. N. Henry
  • Malvina & 3 children to keep by A.B. Jarvis

[signed] Banister MIDGETT, Guardian

Inventory of the property of Benjamin Forman, dec'd., which came into the possession of Sam. W. Ellis,Adm'r.
Numerous notes and judgments listed (some listed as doubtful)
Names and ages of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Benjamin Forman, deceased March 1834
  • Old Gabe - 75
  • Old July - 75
  • Old Prince - 70
  • Old York - 60
  • Old George - 60
  • Kent - 55
  • Ross - 55
  • Prince - 55
  • Mingo - 55
  • Ned - 50
  • Sutton - 40
  • Jack Rew - 40
  • Jim - 40
  • Washington - 35
  • Jack - 32
  • George - 32
  • Tom - 30
  • Calvin - 25
  • Richard - 18
  • Bill - 16
  • Dave - 15
  • Denice - 14
  • Amos - 11
  • Lewis - 10
  • Manuel - 16
  • Ben - 12
  • Theodore - 10
  • Marcillus - 9
  • Silvester - 6
  • Jabe - 12
  • Ellick - 3
  • Aunestes? - 9
  • Alfred - 8
  • Joe - 1
  • Little Ned - 4
  • Redding - 1 month
  • Caleb - 1 month
  • Silvy - 50
  • Patience - 50
  • Kate - 50
  • Kessiah - 50
  • Dinah - 50
  • Tempey - 45
  • Violet - 40
  • Phillis - 40
  • Pat - 40
  • Peg - 35
  • Winney - 35
  • Jennett - 30
  • Little Patience - 30
  • Malvine - 20
  • Sally - 20
  • Matilda - 16
  • Rhoda - 16
  • Suky - 12
  • Ann - 10
  • Bet - 8
  • Alley - 15
  • Aby - 14
  • Matthier? - 6
  • Harriet - 3
  • Dinah - 2
  • Caroline - 4
  • Prusia - 1
  • Ellen - 5
  • Little Silvy - 8
  • Emily - 6
  • Jane - 14
Account of sales of the property of Benjamin Forman, dec'd., commencing 24th & ending 28th March 1834 on 6 months credit by the adm'r.
Various buyers at this huge sale included: Joseph F. Anthony, Wm. Bon, Joseph Bridgman, Nathaniel Cradle, Martin Cradle, Moses Carter, Thomas Capps,Augustus Dukes, Henry Dillon, Beverly Easter, Banister dgett and Joseph G. Gown. The total of this sale including notes and judgments amounted to $9051.02. Done at Germanton.
[signed] Sam W. Ellis, Adm'r.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Maritime Monday~ Wreck of the Whaler "Thomas Winslow"

My cousins were told by my Great Aunt Bessie Swanson Ulmer,that her mother Mary Agnes Rementer Swanson, was the daughter of a whaler from Canada. Over the last few years, as I pieced the family tale together,I found that Charles Rementer was from a Philadelphia family ,and that he met Margaret Lynch in Massachusetts. The Lynches may have emigrated to Nova Scotia from West Cork; Charles Rementer, however,was clearly a whaler.

                                                    Wreck of a Whaler

The Thomas Winslow in a Hurricane-Seven Seamen Washed Overboard and Lost-The Remainder of the Crew Rescued. From the New York Times Sept. 15, 1869

Captain Russell, of the Whaling Bark Thomas Winslow, reports that at 5 AM on the 8th of September he was forced to lay into a hurricane 150 miles east of Cape May. At 10AM the ship was thrown on her beam ends, with the mastheads under. The cabin skylights, companionway and the fore scuttle were washed away and the ship began to fill. When the ship went over all but four men gained a place on the mizzen chains, the sea breaking completely over her.

Eventually righted but unable to move in the water their hope for a chance for life was to be taken off before dark by a passing ship. The T.H.A. Pitt got them off before dark and later transferred them eventually to The Danish brig Jyland , Captain Hoffding which brought them to New York.

Seven lives where lost in all: John A. Amos of Jamaica Plains,Rufus Dexter of Marion,Henry Wingard a German and Mauel a Portugeuse, and three French Creoles whose names are unknown.

The Thomas Winslow was a New Bedford Vessel

At the same time I find the following records: Charles Remetta on the Bark Hector in 1852, residence Philadelphia, Greenhand, Charles Rementer on the Maria Theresa in 1854 Boatsteerer, Charles Rementer on the Elizabeth in 1867 ( aged 36) 5'7" skin light... at this link below.

Margaret Lynch and Charles Rementer married June 30, 1858 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow Friday, Friends of Friends Friday~ Mary Warshaw

 While looking for records to prove a Carrow line in North Carolina I came across some wills with names of enslaved persons. As I looked for more I came up with names of free persons of color and other persons of color. These I look for almost constantly for my friend Dan Carrow.I hope they prove of interest to others as well.

The Blog author is, like myself, an artist and researcher. I like this history she has done, it is very informative and illustrated superbly. Thank you for this Blogpost Mary Warshaw, Thomas Carrow is probably a distant relative, which is how it came to my attention.

A Friend of Friends Friday - Hyde County NC Wills

I discovered the following in Hyde County Wills while looking for other records specifically Carrow in North Carolina. They connect to my Delaware family in their DNA and we conjecture descend from John Carrow who is in Virginia  by 1643.A typical "one went North and one went South" tale of brothers. While  doing this I found a blog on free persons of color  and other persons of color which I will follow in the next blog today.

 1822- 1826 Ruth Gibbs in account with Tho. R. Gibbs, minor,  Mentions hire of Negro Frank and keeping Dorcas and her 3 children

August 1823 Ruthy Gibbs of Hyde Co. Probate: None Listed Son: Thomas R. Gibbs to have one Negro man named Jonas and one Negro woman named Sarah and her 3 children, Green, Sophia and Cassandra

Account of sales of the Negroes of Tucker Spencer, dec'd., sold 22nd
March 1821 Tony sold to Saml. Spencer Sr. for $20.00 Joe sold to Saml. Spencer,
Senr. for $225.00 Lyza sold to Aquilla Spencer for $117.00

16th June 1821 Account of sales of the perishable property of Washington Gibbs, Junr., dec'd Mentions Negro Quash

21st June 1821An inventory and account of sales of the property of Wm. Jordan, widow Matilda. Acct. of Negroes hired out: Mike,Sampson, Poladore?, Risiah, Patt, Anthony, Ceagon, Will, Albert, Jude,

July 1821 Wm. M. Gibbs in account with Ambrose Gibbs, guardian .Mentions hire of Negro Margaret

6 June 1821 /Proved: November Term 1821 .Elizabeth Tooley of Hyde County. Negro man named Prince,Negro woman named Pat,Negro woman named Patt, Negro boy named Bill,Negro girl named Millis.

29 October 1817/Probate: November Term 1821 Mary Jordan of Hyde Co.Executors: 3 sons, Whyriott Ormond to have Willis, Violet and Sam, Daniel W. Martin  to have Reuben, Robt., Vester, ______, ______, & Clarisy, and Seth B.Jordan to have Solomon, Andrew, Edy &

17 Oct 1820/Probate: November Term 1820 Benjamin GIBBS of Hyde Co.,Wife Mary Gibbs 4 Negroes, viz: Jack, Chane, Bet and old Jinny. Son Benjamin Gibbs 1/2 of 7 Negroes named Milly, Moriah, Bartlet, Seth, Gibbs, Easter & Becca. Also Negro man Sharper and old Adam. Daughter Nancy Gibbs Negro boy Aaron and 1/2 of 7 Negroes above. Daughter Mandy Gibbs 4 Negroes Bob, Dinah,Edney and Minra. Son Lockhard Gibbs, 4 Negroes Elijah,Wilson , Lydia & Elizar.
Wit. John Carrow


Monday, March 11, 2013

Matrilineal Monday - Mary Agnes Rementer and her DNA

The baptismal certificate of Mary Agnes was the first document I ever saw for my direct matrilineal line, sent to all of us in the family by her grandson my cousin Donald Ulmer. Her daughter, Margaretta Schubert Swanson, my grandmother, died young and tragically when my mother was three years old. Don's mother, my Great Aunt Bessie, her sister was close to her in age.

I could write volumes about this line, so important to my cousins and I. Possibly the most important  fact is that all of us who are descended in the straight maternal line share her mitochondrial DNA haplogroup. This twisted strand  holds together generations of our family. My daughter has passed it on to her sons, where it stops for my children, female to female is how it is passed. The term for that is to "daughter out".

My mother Elizabeth Louise Faunt  passed this to me from her mother Margarettta. Retta is her turn received it from Mary Agnes; Mary Agnes from her mother Margaret Lynch who we knew was from Cork.Her origin place is practically all we did know, except that Margaret met and married Charles Rementer a whaler from Philadelphia in New England. The tale got sort of twisted and murky as it was passed down from to us;Aunt Bessie, the family historian may or may not have ever met her grandmother as she was the youngest daughter of many children.

Charles Rementer, a whaler who survived his ship being wrecked in the Atlantic, in later years turned back to his Philadelphia family's occupation as gardener. Margaret Lynch Rementer, widow, on his death in September 1900 took over his business. We are not sure where she dies, her only son and daughter remained in the Burlington County area so it is possible she return to NJ from Rhode Island.

Another cousin, Danny Ulmer, who spent summer vacations with Aunt Bessie, his grandmother told me that  Margaret was a cousin to John L. Sullivan. Hmmm.

Imagine my surprise, when I first tested my mitochondrial DNA, and matched another family from Cork. This family and mine not only had a "rare" haplogroup but we share a "private mutation" and the entire coding region. This means that it originated and was shared by a very small group of folks. Tom H. my mito cousin and I have explored this to the nth degree. Experts in the fields have weighed in on our private mutation. Our haplogroup is  called J2b1a1a  and the last bit is shared by only the  other family as well as our own, at least so far as we have yet discovered.

What else has DNA  shown us, you might ask? We have a great number of cousins on this line, all of them from West Cork;Sullivans are matches as of course is Lynch and occasionally O'Shea. John L.Sullivan could easily be  a cousin as John McDermot my intrepid Irish researcher has proven to me. John McD. and my DNA cousins have pointed to the Beara Peninsula as our matrilineal origin place. Specifically the Sullivans are from Kerry  on the Cork borders.

Just a little cheek swab and some money for research has opened a window into our past.Yes, Aunt Bessie, they came into Canada first.Nova Scotia is most likely.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow Friday ~ Chris Paton, British Genes and John D. Reid Anglo-Celtic Connections

Today I have followed John D.Reid as he announces  Lord Viscount Morpeth's Testimonial Roll from 1841  and challenges me to figure out exactly where my Fant ancestors are situated.. Well Patrick Fant PP ( Parish Priest) is in  Templemore, where his church was located. Another Patrick Fant and James Fant are near to each other so that is either Kilmallock Ireland or nearby Cork as I can see Slatterys, Hickeys and Cunninghams nearby..

However two men named James Pant and James Phant are a puzzle..I will look now..

John D. Reid's blog

and he cites Chris Paton, who was a beta tester