Thursday, April 4, 2013

Repost of Sentimental Sunday ~ Retta Swanson Faunt and boys from Martha Street

So thrilled to receive this picture from the past of my Grandmother Margaretta Swanson Faunt and two of my uncles from my cousin Donald Ulmer. Retta died when my mother ( not yet born in this picture) was 3 . This is very likely the house Mom was born in, Martha Street, Kensington, Philadelphia. Very few images or tales of her have survived.

Don's mother Bessie Swanson Ulmer and Retta were close in age and devoted to each other. A picture of Aunt Bessie taken by Retta was said to be taken in the back of the house. The boys look so happy and I suspect they were looking at their Aunt Bess and their Grandpop Dick Swanson.

A happy day for me also to receive this! Thanks Cousin!

reposted due to picture problem

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