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Military Monday ~ William and Patrick Fant, Fethard Tipperary

The Search for my Great Great Grandfather William Faunt who comes to Beverly New Jersey in 1869. I began with an Irish Researcher who discovered William's occupation. This occurred when he found my Great Grandfather's birth in Limerick City in 1865. His father, who reported the birth was described as a "private soldier". I was quickly referred to a military historian who stated the following.

"I have completed my search for the records of William Faunt.  

I began by searching the Regimental Returns of Births. The only birth registered to this name was a child called William, who was born in Belfast in 1867. His father served with the 3rd of Foot and the reference is volume 776, page 37. There is no way of knowing for certain if this is William's child without ordering the actual certificate.

I then searched the discharge papers of the 3rd of Foot, East Kent Regiment, for the period 1855-1872, held in WO 97/1391. I am pleased to say that William’s papers were in place. There were also papers for a Patrick Faunt, which I have also filmed, as it would seem most likely that he was a relative. Patrick and William were both born in Fethard, Tipperary. Patrick enlisted as Private No 830 into the 2nd battalion of the 3rd Foot on 12th November 1857. He discharged in 1865 and his intended place of residence was Fethard. 

William Faunt enlisted into the same battalion in Cahir as Private No 400 on 8th October 1857 and was aged 18 at the time. He served with the regiment for 9 years and 361 days, of which 6 months was spent in Malta. William’s conduct was classed as Good and he was in possession of 4 Good Conduct Badges. His name had been entered twice in the Regimental Defaulters’ Book.  

William discharged on 12th November 1867 as he was suffering from necrosis and partial anclylosis of the right shoulder joint. The disease arose as a result of a strumous diathesis and was not caused by the service. He had a piece of dead bone in the upper part of his humerous which was causing stiffness and left him unable to perform any movement above shoulder level. It was considered that his disability would materially influence his ability to make a living. His condition had not been aggravated by vice or interference. 

William was aged 28 upon discharge. He had been a nailer by trade prior to his army service. Upon discharge he was 5 feet 7 ½ inches tall with a fair complexion, hazel eyes and light brown hair. His intended place of residence was Belfast. 

I then went on to search for William’s pension record, which I found in WO 116/94. I also searched the final muster roll in which he appeared, WO 12/2183, to see if it contained a Married Roll, which it did. However, there were no soldiers by the name of Faunt on the roll. This does not mean that William was not married at the time, but that his wife was not accompanying the regiment.

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