Friday, February 15, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - Fants of Virginia

I had  two  records for this week  and wanted related ones to add if I could. I came across this link which I had not seen before. Virginia Court records site with a new addition.


May Term 1843. James W. Fant, administrator, of the estate of Elias Fant, dec’d, filed a petition announcing that distribution of the estate cannot be made, and requesting an order to sell four negroes, viz: Daphne and her three children, Thomas, Maria, and Margaret in order to make the distribution. Defendants Benjamin S Fant, Elias T. Fant, Simon Fant, and Mary E.B. Moore, are not residents of the State of Mississippi.Witnesses and executors were Elias Fant, David and Elias Hansbrough Stafford County VA            

  As well as  Joseph Fant who dies in Stafford County
                               Inventory of the Joseph Fant Estate,Stafford County VA
Slaves                                                   Pounds
Isam                                                      100
William                                                 100
Hylliard, a boy                                      105
Milly, a woman                                       50
Betty, a girl                                              60
Mary, a young woman                          100

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