Friday, April 12, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday- South Carolina families

I came across this while researching the Fant family in SC. Ropers had some connection to Fant through Jenkins,Gibbs families and prior location in Stafford County VA. It had been documented before but I wanted to add it to my Blog.

Daughters of George Fant, Lucinda Fant Schooler and husband Henry,Maria Fant West and William, Athelia Fant West and John are in  Orangeburg SC before 1790 just prior, probably, to their brothers arriving there in 1793.

Date: 1846/02/26
Description: Martha Rutledge Laurens Roper to Keating Simons Laurens Bill of Sale
Names Indexed: Old William, Old Rinah, Polly, Scott ,Plymouth, Tom, Jenny, Jefferson,Lucy,Eve,Sam,Liddy,Stephin,Bella,Peggy,Primus,Tina, Jimmy, Fanny, Tyrah, Renty, Adam,Mary Ann, Scipio, Hagar, Phobe, Laurens, Denna,Amber,Cubba,Sambo,Simon,Paris,Sona,Nancy,Temmany,Betsy,Rosanna,Juliet
Jacob, Amey, Denna, Flora, Will, Violet, Tom, Peter, Sike, Mary, Daby, Affy,,James, Phillis, Canga, Henry, Emma, Daniel, Linda, Maria, Chloe, Sampson, George, Sary, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Charles, Dinah, Patty, Limus

Type: Bill of Sale
Topics:  Slaves, Skilled  

Robert William Roper a large cotton planter husband of Martha Rutledge Laurens died in 1845, was  buried in  Monks Corner Berkely County SC and had built Roper House at 9 E. Battery, Charleston.

The estate inventory of Keating Simons Laurens, filed 4 Feb. 1854, lists the name of slaves at Point Comfort Planation on the Cooper River in Charleston.

Moncks Corner SC is about 30+ miles from both Orangeburg and Charleston SC.

Abraham,· Mary Ann ,Scipio, Hager, Plimoth, Phebe, Penda, Cansa, Sophy, Peter, Phillis, Violet, Juba, Cyrus, Syke,Mary, Affy, James, Ben, Susa, Brutus, Bella, Peggy, Tenah, Primus, Brutus,Lucy
Jefferson, Sampson, Polly, Tom, Sally, Jenney, Adam, Eve, Sinda, Tita, Simon, Nancy, Betty, March, Donna, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Dina, Charles, Robina, Daniel, Paris, Patsey, Lymus,Bob, Renty,
Jenny, John, Betsey, George, Sary, Sary, Cashius, Frank, Sam, Sady, Timony, Die, Rose, Juliet, Bash, Friday, Jacob, Amy, Tina, Linda, Sam, Chloe, Tim, Tilla, Hercules,Tim, George, Nanny, Katy, Robert, Denna, Amber, Henny, Sambo, Flora, Bob, Stepney, Culla, Taffy, Maria, Wile, Flora


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