Friday, March 15, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday - Hyde County NC Wills

I discovered the following in Hyde County Wills while looking for other records specifically Carrow in North Carolina. They connect to my Delaware family in their DNA and we conjecture descend from John Carrow who is in Virginia  by 1643.A typical "one went North and one went South" tale of brothers. While  doing this I found a blog on free persons of color  and other persons of color which I will follow in the next blog today.

 1822- 1826 Ruth Gibbs in account with Tho. R. Gibbs, minor,  Mentions hire of Negro Frank and keeping Dorcas and her 3 children

August 1823 Ruthy Gibbs of Hyde Co. Probate: None Listed Son: Thomas R. Gibbs to have one Negro man named Jonas and one Negro woman named Sarah and her 3 children, Green, Sophia and Cassandra

Account of sales of the Negroes of Tucker Spencer, dec'd., sold 22nd
March 1821 Tony sold to Saml. Spencer Sr. for $20.00 Joe sold to Saml. Spencer,
Senr. for $225.00 Lyza sold to Aquilla Spencer for $117.00

16th June 1821 Account of sales of the perishable property of Washington Gibbs, Junr., dec'd Mentions Negro Quash

21st June 1821An inventory and account of sales of the property of Wm. Jordan, widow Matilda. Acct. of Negroes hired out: Mike,Sampson, Poladore?, Risiah, Patt, Anthony, Ceagon, Will, Albert, Jude,

July 1821 Wm. M. Gibbs in account with Ambrose Gibbs, guardian .Mentions hire of Negro Margaret

6 June 1821 /Proved: November Term 1821 .Elizabeth Tooley of Hyde County. Negro man named Prince,Negro woman named Pat,Negro woman named Patt, Negro boy named Bill,Negro girl named Millis.

29 October 1817/Probate: November Term 1821 Mary Jordan of Hyde Co.Executors: 3 sons, Whyriott Ormond to have Willis, Violet and Sam, Daniel W. Martin  to have Reuben, Robt., Vester, ______, ______, & Clarisy, and Seth B.Jordan to have Solomon, Andrew, Edy &

17 Oct 1820/Probate: November Term 1820 Benjamin GIBBS of Hyde Co.,Wife Mary Gibbs 4 Negroes, viz: Jack, Chane, Bet and old Jinny. Son Benjamin Gibbs 1/2 of 7 Negroes named Milly, Moriah, Bartlet, Seth, Gibbs, Easter & Becca. Also Negro man Sharper and old Adam. Daughter Nancy Gibbs Negro boy Aaron and 1/2 of 7 Negroes above. Daughter Mandy Gibbs 4 Negroes Bob, Dinah,Edney and Minra. Son Lockhard Gibbs, 4 Negroes Elijah,Wilson , Lydia & Elizar.
Wit. John Carrow


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