Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday’s Faces from the Past ~ Faunt Family in Fishtown Philadelphia

My Cousin Francis Faunt asked me today about our French cousins who lived near our Great Aunt Mamie Faunt Wilson in Kensington North Philadelphia which was called "Fishtown". Aunt Mame lived at 2107 Susquehanna St. which the Market- Frankford El went over. Our Great Grandmother Mary Dugan Faunt as well  as her in-laws sold produce under the elevated train called the "El".
The top picture is my grandmother Retta Swanson Faunt and two of my uncles in the alley next to the house they lived in on Martha Street. My mother was born there and Retta died there, much too young in 1925.
My Cousin Teresa Wilson French lived at  2304 Amber Street and my great Uncle Jesse Faunt had a store at 1801 Mascher Street. All these streets surrounded Martha Streets, only 2 blocks long quite closely. Martha Street in the 1920s was known for speakeasies and the "Martha Street Hop"
The houses all resembled the lower picture and many of them now have vacant lots next to them.
They were very very Irish.
Row house in Fishtown

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mappy Monday- Watkin's Point Maryland as boundary

Augustin Herrman Map of the Chesapeake 1673
I have been doing some work on the  Carrow line that is in Carolina by 1663 and see similarities.
That family had the counties of Albemarle, Bath,Currituck,Beaufort ,Hyde and Craven form and reform around them between 1687 and 1748.John Carrow is in Currituck in 1735 Land Tax and in Hyde County in 1748. Did he move? Apparently not, the County of Hyde was formed in 1746 and he then is listed as property holder there.

Our original John Carrow who is brought into Virginia by Captain Samuel Matthews before 1643 must have started a family while on Mathews Plantation. John Carrow who is later Constable in Accomac County is deposed in 1663 as being 22 years of age. Did John Carrow II just move directly across the Chesapeake?

John the Constable is last found in Accomac in 1678. A John Carrow is living on Tackett's Lott Dorchester in 1730 in Thomas Tackett's will. That John and Henry and Andrew are found witnessing and testifying in and around Queen Anne MD and Kent Island until Henry 's death in 1762. Henry Carrow, whose widow, the former Mary Ringgold lives at Cox's Neck Kent Island is long described in records on Kent Island as living " where the road strikes out to the church near the wading place to William Ringgold's plantation".

What  I am wondering, actually, is do the boundaries between Virginia and Maryland via Scarborough's line at Watkin's Point provide the reason I do not find them in records? Does Accomac Virginia as well as the various Maryland county configurations camouflage them?  Carrows are found in Dames Quarter and Somerset County as well  as Dorchester and further north. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Delaware Guardians~ Update

An update on some of those I enumerated last week in Kent County Delaware Guardians Records

Daniel Sanders who we find here in the will of  George Cummins in 1827  in Duck Creek Hundred:  "I give to Daniel Sanders, a Negro man who I raised and his wife Harriet during their  joint lives and to the survivor of them the house and houses where they now live" is found in the following group of records.

Daniel Sanders and a female are found in Duck Creek Hundred nearby to George Cummins as being a negro or free person of color over the age of 45 on August 7, 1820. Located on the same census in Duck Creek are two households belonging to Jacob Sanders, one female over 45, a younger male and female, one female under 14; the second census contained one female 1-125 and a meal and a female child. Another household for Daniel Sanders contained a female 14-25 and a male and female child.
John Sanders household, again nearby, next door to Presley Spruance, has 5 persons, an adult male over 45 and a female 14-25 and 3 children.

No one is found in 1830 census but the 1840 census in Duck Creek Hundred finds Daniel Sanders with 2 males 36-54 and 2 females 36-54 and one female under 10. John Sanders has one male 55-99, one female 36-54 and one female 10-23 .

This is apparently a large family and in 1850 in Duck Creek Hundred Harriet and Daniel Sanders are found in Duck Creek both born in 1780 with Frances 14 and Mary 4. Priscilla and Esther with families are found in Duck Creek as well as Perry and family and a Jacob and family in 1808.
John and Ann and John William and Ann who were described as Mulattos
Jeffrey Cotton mentioned in George David Cummin's Guardian account as a tenant in 1829-1834 is listed as 55-99 in the 1840 Duck Creek Census and living with him is a female 36-54 and 3 females 16-23.

A Friend of Friends Friday- South Carolina families

I came across this while researching the Fant family in SC. Ropers had some connection to Fant through Jenkins,Gibbs families and prior location in Stafford County VA. It had been documented before but I wanted to add it to my Blog.

Daughters of George Fant, Lucinda Fant Schooler and husband Henry,Maria Fant West and William, Athelia Fant West and John are in  Orangeburg SC before 1790 just prior, probably, to their brothers arriving there in 1793.

Date: 1846/02/26
Description: Martha Rutledge Laurens Roper to Keating Simons Laurens Bill of Sale
Names Indexed: Old William, Old Rinah, Polly, Scott ,Plymouth, Tom, Jenny, Jefferson,Lucy,Eve,Sam,Liddy,Stephin,Bella,Peggy,Primus,Tina, Jimmy, Fanny, Tyrah, Renty, Adam,Mary Ann, Scipio, Hagar, Phobe, Laurens, Denna,Amber,Cubba,Sambo,Simon,Paris,Sona,Nancy,Temmany,Betsy,Rosanna,Juliet
Jacob, Amey, Denna, Flora, Will, Violet, Tom, Peter, Sike, Mary, Daby, Affy,,James, Phillis, Canga, Henry, Emma, Daniel, Linda, Maria, Chloe, Sampson, George, Sary, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Charles, Dinah, Patty, Limus

Type: Bill of Sale
Topics:  Slaves, Skilled  

Robert William Roper a large cotton planter husband of Martha Rutledge Laurens died in 1845, was  buried in  Monks Corner Berkely County SC and had built Roper House at 9 E. Battery, Charleston.

The estate inventory of Keating Simons Laurens, filed 4 Feb. 1854, lists the name of slaves at Point Comfort Planation on the Cooper River in Charleston.

Moncks Corner SC is about 30+ miles from both Orangeburg and Charleston SC.

Abraham,· Mary Ann ,Scipio, Hager, Plimoth, Phebe, Penda, Cansa, Sophy, Peter, Phillis, Violet, Juba, Cyrus, Syke,Mary, Affy, James, Ben, Susa, Brutus, Bella, Peggy, Tenah, Primus, Brutus,Lucy
Jefferson, Sampson, Polly, Tom, Sally, Jenney, Adam, Eve, Sinda, Tita, Simon, Nancy, Betty, March, Donna, Sue, Sarah, Dick, Sally, Dina, Charles, Robina, Daniel, Paris, Patsey, Lymus,Bob, Renty,
Jenny, John, Betsey, George, Sary, Sary, Cashius, Frank, Sam, Sady, Timony, Die, Rose, Juliet, Bash, Friday, Jacob, Amy, Tina, Linda, Sam, Chloe, Tim, Tilla, Hercules,Tim, George, Nanny, Katy, Robert, Denna, Amber, Henny, Sambo, Flora, Bob, Stepney, Culla, Taffy, Maria, Wile, Flora


Friday, April 5, 2013

A Friend of Friends Friday -Kent County Delaware

 Most of the remainder of Kent County Guardian  Accounts  mentioning persons of color are itemized here. I skipped to the records in which we would find these folks in census and other records. Note also that at this time in Delaware, many of those who are mentioned have term limits or are paid wages.

Will 1827 - I, George Cummins, of Duck Creek Hundred, do make this my last will and Testament: I give to my wife Maria Cummins, the service of my Negro girl Rebecca until the term of her servitude shall expire at the end of 12 years from the time I purchase the said Rebecca, the service of my Negro boy Sampson until he shall arrive at the age of 28 at which time he will be entitled to his freedom...I give to my daughter Sarah Collins Cummins the 260 acres of land on which I dwell ( except a lot of land thereof hereinafter devised to Daniel Sanders Negro and his wife Harriet) which tract of land is adjacent to Doctor James Jones and William Rinngold...
I give to Daniel Sanders, a Negro man who I raised and his wife Harriet during their  joint lives and to the survivor of them the house and houses where they now live..after their death to my daughter Sarah Collins Cummins..
I hereby set free the Negro woman Fanny who formerly belonged to John Crocket..
Codicil: I hereby revoke the said bequest to my wife of the Negro boy Sampson and order that the term of service of the Negro boy Sampson shall pass with the residue of my estate..

January 1829- July 1834 - Guardians for George David Cummins minor - received rent of Jefferey Cotton, Negro tenant..

 February 1822- Oct. 1825 - a  series of accounts Elizabeth Dorman minors of George Dorman. Cash paid Black man Dick for repairs

6 Dec. 1824  Jehu Davis guardian to John Davis son of Mathias Davis presents accounts..Wages of Negro man Luke for one year..

July 1804- 1812 A series of Accounts Caleb Barrett Guardian to John Robertson minor son to Alexander paid to nursing Silvery Robertson, coffin, winding sheet  & digging grave , paid James Fry for nursing Ben, coffin, winding sheet & digging grave. Cash paid Peter Many for the board of Negro Silvey when sick.. cash paid  S. Lodain, Negro for washing.

Jan. 1763-1769 Caleb Luff guardian to Margret Rodney presents account. Negro Woman Cecilia bought of Caleb Luff.

15 Feb. 1780 Benjamin Hazell guardian  to  Fidelia Robertson minor of John Rogerson of Philadelphia. One Negro girl named Chloe valued at 45 pounds.

12 August 1807 - Personal Estate of Mathew Clark, decd. Account. James Finsthwait be charged with difference between appraised value and sold value of Negro boy Robert and Negro boy Richard.

12 August 1807 - In the Orphans Court , balance overpaid  the difference of the appraised value of Negroes Richard, Patrick, Robert and Matthew and the sum  for which they are sold.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Repost of Sentimental Sunday ~ Retta Swanson Faunt and boys from Martha Street

So thrilled to receive this picture from the past of my Grandmother Margaretta Swanson Faunt and two of my uncles from my cousin Donald Ulmer. Retta died when my mother ( not yet born in this picture) was 3 . This is very likely the house Mom was born in, Martha Street, Kensington, Philadelphia. Very few images or tales of her have survived.

Don's mother Bessie Swanson Ulmer and Retta were close in age and devoted to each other. A picture of Aunt Bessie taken by Retta was said to be taken in the back of the house. The boys look so happy and I suspect they were looking at their Aunt Bess and their Grandpop Dick Swanson.

A happy day for me also to receive this! Thanks Cousin!

reposted due to picture problem

Those Places Thursday- Carrows of Blunts Creek Beaufort NC

 My good friend and distant cousin Donald Carrow and I are working on the North Carolina Carrow line for a publication of his. We now know a lot about "our" family through research and genetic genealogy that was not know before. I am so very grateful to live in a time when we can piece together a picture of the past by using a variety of puzzle pieces, similar to doing a mixed media piece of artwork.

The Carrow family is visible in Virginia before 1643, presumably on the Western Shore of Virginia. My Carrows were Eastern Shore folks and his were in Eastern North Carolina by 1700. Some of it is still hidden in the mists of time and some of it jumps right out at us courtesy of newer transcribed records and DNA. He and I connect in an autosomal "cousin match"as distant cousins; he and another Carrow cousin of mine are exact Y line matches.

We stumbled across one another almost 10 years ago via the internet working on our respective lines.
Today we can look back in time and see Thomas Carrow, his son John and grandson Henry in the Carolinas as they were opened up for settlement and a bit later here on Blunts Creek. We also identify John and Henry Carrow and a succession of John Carrows moving from Accomac Virginia to Dorchester MD and into Duck Creek Delaware.

The puzzle pieces are starting to show a recognizable pictorial narrative of an early immigrant family.
We are proud to have helped to put it together.