Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friend of a Friend Friday - Kent Island Queen Anne County MD


Edward Ringgold of Cox's Neck to my dear wife Rebecca my negroes Maria Nichols, Harriet Robinson, James Robinson, Frederick Nichols, Richard Hazzard, Delia Nichols and Harry. It is my will that Maria Nichols and Harriet Robinson shall be free at the death of my dear wife or soon if they reach the age of thirty years and the other negroes bequeathed to her shall be free as they reach the age of thirty excepting Harry who shall be free at the end of the term to which he was sold to me by the executor of William S. Constable.

Item I bequeath to my son John Fletcher Ringgold my negro boy Jacob Hazzard to serve him until the age of thirty years when he shall be free.

Item to my son James B. Ringgold and the lands he possesses I charge the lands pay to my Negro woman Susan Berry the annual sum of twelve dollars. 

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary R. Rasin my negro girl Hannah Robinson until she shall attain the age of thirty years.

Item I give and bequeath my daughter Jane Eliza Tilden my negro woman Ann and her children ( excepting her child Marion) and my negro woman Drusilla Harrison and also my negro boy Wesley until they shall reach the age of thirty.

Item I give and bequeath unto Martha Cummins ( granddaughter) my negro girl Athalia Nicols until the age of thirty.

Item, unto my son John Fletcher Ringgold my negroes John and Emory until the expiration of their servitude.

Item unto my Granddaughter Mary Rebecca Ringgold  my negro girl Sarah Jane until she reaches the age of thirty.

Item I give unto Louisa Ringgold widow of George my negro woman Harriet Hazzard until thirty...

 I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Smith the sum of one hundred and  thirty dollars and the negro girl Marion daughter of negro Ann until thirty...

Item, I manumit and set free at the end of the year next after my death my negro man Moses Berry and that he be paid ( paraphrasing here) annually the sum of twenty five dollars.
Item I will and direct that Susan Berry alias Susan Chase be free at the end of the year following and paid the twelve dollars listed above from the land of my son John Fletcher Ringgold.

Item that my negroes Richard Worrell, Washington Smith, Henry Anderson and May Hazzard shall be free at  the end of the years after next.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my negro woman May Hazzard her female child Emily until she is sixteen when she shall be free.

May 6th, 1854

Afterward: Looking in the 1860 and 1870 census many of these folks are living in and around Chestertown MD

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mappy Monday ~Leckpatrick Tyrone near Donegal

 James Sweeney and Mary Jane Huey are my great great  grandparents who arrive on the Mohongo from Derry in June 1853. Mary Jane's family were Protestant and James was Catholic. They are in Southern New Jersey with their first child in 1855 as farmers in Mannington Salem County.

Where did they marry, as they would have had to have  consent for her to marry in the Catholic Church,  I am told. James Sweeney was very possibly from NewtownStewart or Strabane and they could have easily slipped over the line into Donegal.

Mary Jane's family was Protestant but her Mother Letitia's parents James and Isabella Moorhead were Catholic so perhaps she converted. They purposely came to the Southern NJ area to farm and brought five barrels and a trunk off possessions with them, which for those days was a lot.

The Hueys and the Moorheads ( Muirhead) came to Ireland from Scotland some time before this. Moorheads for sure were living on that same border of Donegal and Tyrone in the 1630s. The English King allowed settlement of Scots to be in charge of the Irish in what was called the Plantation period. I am not sure  where  the Sweeneys although they were not Scots.

Mary Jane and James are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Salem New Jersey, both died in 1878. The tombstone emblem suggests  James was a member of the local grange in Salem, probably a founding member.

Their children moved further north into first Oldmans Township and then Centre Square. Their daughter Lizzie Sweeney Kirwan  and her daughter Sadie Kirwan Carrow are buried in Old St. Joseph's Cemetery next to Lizzie's brother James.  Lizzie Kirwan died young after giving birth prematurely after hearing that her husband had suffered a runaway accident. He was driving a team of horses and a load of produce and he lost his leg.  Baby Maggie Kirwan followed her mother to the grave a month later.

                                                           Always  Farmers
                                              Plantation Settlers County Donegal 1630s

Adair, Alexander, Allen x2, Arnett x2, Barkley, Barry, Bauld, Black, Blair, Boyd, Boyle x2, Brisbane, Brown, Bruce, Bryce, Buchanan, Burne, Calwell x2, Campbell x2, Carr x3, Cloggie, Colguhoun x2, Coohoone x2, Crawford, Cunningham x15, Dick, Donnell, Dougal, Dunne x3, Dunsayer, Ekyn, Ewart, Flemming, Forecheade, Fullerton, Fulton, Fyieff, Galt, Flabreth, Filmour, Glass, Glen, Gordon, Grynney, Hall, Hamilton x11, Harper, Henrison, Henry, Homes, Hood, Huggins, Hunter, Hutchins, Johnston, Julius, Kennedy, Kernes, Kilpatrick x2, Knox, Laycock, Leckie, Leitch, Leslie, Lindsay, Lockhard, Lodge, Machell, Machen, Martin, Maxwell, Montgomery, Moore, Moorhead, Murray, McAlison, McAuld, McCamuel, McClairne, McCullough, McErdy, McIlcheny, McIntyre, McKay, McKinney, McKym, McLintagh, McLoran, McMath, Nelson, Nesbitt, Orr, Patterson, Patoun, Patton, Peere (Perry), Pont, Purveyance, Rankin, Ritchie, Robin, Robson, Roger, Sawyer, Scott, Sempell, Semple x4, Simpson, Smelley, Smith x3, Smythe x2, Spence, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stevin, Stewart x4, Sutherland, Teyse (Tees), Thompson, Thomson, Valantyne, Vance, Watson, Wilson, Witherspoon, Wood x2, Young