Friday, February 8, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - Kent County Delaware Guardian Records

 I am trying for the nearest dates available to the end of slavery although many of most of the records I have worked with are earlier. Delaware began to divest itself of slavery when Ceasar Rodney proposed amendments to the new constitution and by 1797 slaves could not be sold out of Delaware.Those in Kent County then sold into Sussex County.

The Kent County Guardian Account shows for   Feb. 15, 1780 that John Rogerson late of Philadelphia left to Letitia VanDyke ( w/o James Coakley) mother of Fidelia Rogerson, his minor daughter, a negro girl Chloe valued at  45 pounds.
In 1795- 1802  the children of Daniel Hudson petitioned that Daniel died 22 years prior leaving a Negro woman Lish who was "big with child". The child Toney was born months later and never noted in records. In 1802 he was sold for 60 pounds.

May 1798- 1801 By Robert Hilford Guardian, Elizabeth Jackson minor daughter of Joseph Jackson paid labor of Negro man Brister.

 August 1789-Nov. 1791  Sarah Gaskins Adm. of  William Gaskins decd. guardian to Nancy Jackson, minor daughter of Joseph Jackson.Paid for board and nursing said minor's Negro Naomi in her illness of which she died & coffin.Paid cash by John Jackson exectr.

John Jackson guardian to Noah Jackson late of Murderkill Hundred..Negro woman Poll legacy to minor.Paid for midwife for  Negro woman Poll.

A series of accounts August 1818- Dec. 1830 John C. James minor son of Nathan Clifton and Mary James.Paid for boarding a Negro woman Rees and received $64.26 from John Booth decd. guardian.

Daniel James 28 Sept. 1799 bequeathed 50 acres of woodland to Reuben a mulatto man during his natural life. This is part of tract of land devised to Rebecca Sanders called the Plains for her life.Daniel James left a wife with no issue.

A series of accounts 1802-1810. Bolitha Laws and minor children, Matilda cash received for her Negro Peter, Outten Laws guardian paid for boarding Negro Child Levin.

Stephen Paradee devised in his will  that all legacies be divided among the children of my daughter Peggy by Daniel Lewis, three Negroes Jo, Daniel and Phebe and increase of Phebe.Valued at 75 pounds each in 1768.
February 20 1817 " A farm purchased of the widow Ausban where Negro Abraham lived"

The will of George Manlove of Mispillion Hundred 30 May 1799  to my daughter  Sarah Woodmoncey or grandson Matthew Manlove. My Negroes a boy named Ceasor, a boy named Mingo, a boy named Major, a black girl with William Miffin named Sarah, a girl named Alse, all to be free at the age of 28.

Sept. 1783-Feb. 1790 Philip Lewis son of Philip Lewis, hired Negroes Stephen and Moses, my Negro London.

Ephraim Manlove 1736 to my son Obadiah the Negro boy Tone, to my son Obadiah the Negro boy Ishmael.

To Jonathon Manlove son of Matthew Manlove Negro Pompey for 2 years and 2 months. 

5 August 1753 William Manlove to  daughter Elizabeth a Negro Phebe, 5 years and 4 months old to be sold.

 March 1804 Purchase Negro boy Joseph owned by Deborough Manlove decd. heir of Carmon Mason.

This completes book H-M


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  2. Thanks so much Vicky,I am glad to be doing it and helping some.