Friday, February 1, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday - DelMarVa

Most of my ancestors came to the Chesapeake Bay or the Delaware River Estuary and clung like burrs to what they found until this day. John Carrow and his relatives are in Accomac Virginia and up into Maryland's Eastern Shore before 1643. They either were not prosperous enough to be slave owners or the political climate, Delaware mostly, was not conducive. In any rate, this week is a collection of wills from the Delmarva, having not quite enough for a single area or state.I am glad that is so.

In South Carolina, Francis Edrington Senior, father of Mildred Edrington Fant and Father-in-law of William Fant allows his son William Edrington to choose between Negroes Giles or Lewis. He further states that  all remaining shall be sold and the money distributed between his heirs, excepting an unnamed three in the possession of Mildred. His children are Mildred, William,Jesse and Francis.Will filed June 10, 1824.

His son-in-law William Fant in the Union District of South Carolina, August 12, 1852 leaves five Negroes and their increase to his wife Mildred. " To Wit Mint ( Araminta?)  and child Sharlotte,Flora, Sam and Jane." Upon Mildred's death or  remarriage the same Negroes are to be divided between Francis M.E. Fant and Samuel F. Fant "Shear and Shear alike". His older children named as James B. Fant,Joseph C. Fant and and Permelia I.A. Fant have already received their share and receive on dollar.

Thanks to friend Bryan Shew for bringing Sharlotte to my attention.

On to Delaware and a few more wills, Delaware beginning to divest itself after the Revolution. Nathaniel  Wilds will brought in by Nathaniel Wilds Jr. of Duck Creek Hundred, January 13, 1800 mentioned a  Negro Boy Jacob. Aaron Kersey on 15 Sept. 1823 mentions "A Negro Bead" Bede? Beal? Bette?, also in Kent County. Hannah Kersey Carrow widow, of Hughett Layton in January 1853, in Layton's  estate inventory mentions "  The Unexpired term of  a black boy called Henry Parker having about one year to serve for $60.

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