Friday, February 1, 2013

Friends of Friends Friday- Henry Carrow and his times

Henry Carrow is a very well documented person in my Carrow line and my 7th great -granduncle.He leaves 30 pounds in Maryland money to one of my John Carrows most probably my 6th great Grandfather who dies in 1776 in Delaware but serves in the Queen Anne County Militia in 1776 prior to his death.

Henry Carrow lives on Kent Island "where the road strikes out to the church to the wading place and then to William Ringgold's plantation where Henry Carroll(Carrow) did live and thence to main road by Richards Carters". He was step grandfather to William Ringgold, Mary Ringgold Blunt,Sarah Ringgold Carter, Thomas Ringgold and Rachel and Susanna Ringgold, married to their mother Grandmother Mary Harris from sometime after 1730 until his death . He also farmed Sarah's Portion purchased from Mathew Erickson on the East side of Kent Island near Stint's Marsh.

Mary Harris Ringgold Godman Carrow was mother of  James Ringgold of  Coxe's Neck, Kent Island whose estate was probated 4/17/1740. The land was situated at the mouth of a gut in a march called "The Marsh where Charles shot the Indian". He leaves to his daughter Sarah Ringgold Carter " a Mulatto boy "Simon"; William Ringgold his 2nd son a "Negro girl Flora"; Rachel Ringgold "a Mulatto boy Lymhouse"; Susanna Ringgold " a Negro girl Finnis".

Henry Carrow on 5/31/1762 leaves to his Godson James Ringgold "Negroes Lymas and Little Jack when he arrives at the age of 21" He leaves to Mary Arnold "Negroes Simon and Sue".

His widow Mary Carrow is deceased by 11/25/1762 and she leaves to William Ringgold grandson " A Negro named Dick"; Mary Carter the "1st. daughter of John Carter a Negro boy Joe"; Samuel Thomas " the 1st. son of Thomas Thomas a Negro boy Will"; James Blunt "grandson a Negro gal Sal"; Thomas Ringgold Jr. " great grandson to have a Negro boy Jack". Mary Carter would be her granddaughter by  her daughter Sarah Ringgold Carter  and her daughter Mary Ringgold Blunt also received property.

It seems that  Simon and Lymas/Lymhouse and  Jack/Little Jack were young in the James Ringgold will in 1740 and were transferred in Mary and Henry Carrow's will

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