Thursday, January 3, 2013

Repost of a Wordless Wednesday from February 2010

Wordless Wednesday (sort of) - Autosomal DNA,cousins and me

In addition to testing my autosomal DNA at 23andme in their 'Relative Finder' and finding out my unknown paternal ethnic background I have had two REMARKABLE cousin matches.We each share a segment of a chromosome, part of a larger segment passed on by our Carrow ancestors all three of whom were siblings born between 1814 and 1830 in Duck Creek Delaware.
Family Tree DNA will also begin a similar testing program called 'Family Finder'. I have been a surname group administrator there for a few years.Instead of words today I will include links to what I am talking about. Carrows please join the group! Also there is a Faunt, Rementer, Swanson and Norwegian group.

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