Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Genealogy Goals for 2013

Happy New Year..Here we are in 2013 and what are my goals, plans and hopes? Let me clarify to  say goals and hopes for genealogy and what it might take to achieve them.My resolutions this year have to do with courage and perserverence and that applies here.

I made a start by beginning a new tree on Ancestry just for my Fant/Faunt line in Tipperary and Limerick. I have had fairly recent preconceived goals about who they were and where they lived.
Newer records from my Irish researcher need to be heeded and changes made in that area.For expedience sake I sort of linked them all into one big messy family. That is not really good enough and I am making changes.

DNA kits for a granddaughter and grandson are in and cooking at 23andme.I plan to be very busy making very good use of all these tools to try and untangle their heritage for them. Their kits will make half of my six grandchildren tested and half of my four children. I will keep on keeping on with this.

The DNA  cousin matches I have so far takes a lot of time to work with.I have been blessed to be able to test thirteen family and friends. I will try to make sure I spend as much time at it as it needs or as I did at the beginning of my DNA journey.

I will keep working on my lines in the US and in Europe.I will keep up with new releases of records and continue to work with the researchers .

I will make it the best it can be.

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