Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MyHeritage matches- Where? How?

Yesterday  I was notified that I had matches at My Heritage. And so I did- 473 at this time. Many of them are said to be 3rd cousins..

 A very respected blogger has an excellent blog at ISOGG today  where she says she  is having difficulty finding most of her matches at the 3 main testing sites. 
Nor am I finding mine and many are said to be 3rd cousin  or 3C1x removed..Not at FTDNA,23andme,AncestryDNA or even Gedmatch.

I suspect their imputing needs work. They had this to say on their blog: "MyHeritage has created and refined the capability to read the DNA data files that you can export from all main vendors and bring them to the same common ground, a process that is called imputation. Thanks to this capability — which is accomplished with very high accuracy "

The matches remind me of what I have found at DNA Land. although I have only 4 there.

I will qualify this to say that I have purposefully made my tree at their site as less than 250 to keep it free.. so I cannot contact anyone but I CAN see their trees and their names.. and I am not finding them..

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