Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday's Tip - genetic generational sharing

Importantly for my DNA and Genetic research into my family..( it's a rainy day so no outside work) is the fact that each of us unless we are twins receive 50% of our genome from our parents but NOT the same 50%..

 Here is my sister Carol Bodofsky and me genetically from a start up but scientifically valid place..DNAland..frequesnted by all the experts

This is why I am testing sister at AncestryDNA where they are going towards 3 million testers. We will have about 20 % different 4th cousins.. a lot!

Thank you, Sister Carol Bodofsky 

Also this is why "we" ( Genetic Genealogists) all struggle with the idiosyncrasies of the 3 major testing companies and utilize Gedmatch and hang out at the same places..

Back to these pictures.. Sister and I share a whopping 50.4% of our genome with each other..same two parents..full siblings.. and so on..

The difference is that our grandparent share is different.. so what our parents got from THEIR parents is different.

That of course is why we also, when possible share with first and second cousins.. they got some different genome pieces from their parents..

Children and grandchildren confirm the inheritance from grandparents.. I have tested 3 of them and get 22.9%, 23.1% and 17.1 %.. quite different..I was astonished but that was early in autosomal testing.. Sister and I were said to share only 15 and 17% from our Norway grandfather ..Norway apparently is a "crapshoot"..

 Our grandparent was born in Saami territory north of the Arctic Circle on the border with Russia and Finland.

It's all exciting to me.. Guess that shows..

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