Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Family Tree DNA now accepting autosomal DNA transfers from new AncestryDNA and 23andMe tests ~

Everyone who has been waiting for new AncestryDNA transfers and new 23andme (V4) here it is.. it seems to be free but then to get "everything" it is $19..
 I would go for the $19 for sure 

Here is what I just received..

Dear Project Administrators,

You’ve all been waiting for it, and it’s finally here - transfers for 23andMe© V4 and AncestryDNA™ V2 files!

Here are the details, point by point.

•Customers can now transfer 23andMe© V4 and AncestryDNA™ V2 files in addition to the 23andMe© V3 and AncestryDNA™ V1 files that Family Tree DNA accepted previously. MyHeritage and Genographic transfers will be supported in the coming weeks.

•Family Tree DNA still does not accept 23andMe© processed prior to November 2010. A Family Finder test will need to be purchased.
•23andMe© V3 and AncestryDNA™ V1 now receive a full list of matches and the ability to use the Matrix feature FOR FREE. For only $19, the customer can unlock the Chromosome Browser, myOrigins, and ancientOrigins.

  Here is a link where you can read about it..…/family-tree-dna-family-fin…/

Remember that I do have the Carrow, Faunt, Rementer and Lower Delmarva   surname groups that you are welcome to join..

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