Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Tip - Making a DNA ONLY Family Tree

                           My DNA only public Family Tree

AncestryDNA requires a family tree for any success, a reason that I was dragged kicking and screaming to test there. As they pass 1.5 million testers I know that I was wrong in that - but AncestryDNA still has a downside. The downside is that there is no chromosome browser so what segment you inherited from a common ancestor cannot be checked. Presumably that is their own internal "control issue" so that there is less criticism of their matching.

They also came out with a "New " Ancestry genealogy software.. another thing that many of us "old timers" at DNA testing objected to. The visuals were disturbing but OH!! They were correct about the matching being state of the art!

So this month  they came out with a NEW visual change which allows one to choose the color background for trees. Great job, Ancestry! I chose plum after looking them over carefully.
 Here it is:  

About the Tree..Yes it is really necessary..What I have done in the interest of some privacy of records is to make an "Ancestry ONLY Tree" which of course is public. Other trees I have and working trees are still PRIVATE and invitation only.

I do not have my children and their relationships in this tree..It goes out 6-7 generations and I only add collateral relatives ( siblings, aunts, cousins) when DNA matches have indicated I should.

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