Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday - A Genie Friend's Tip- Delaware Land Records at Ancestry - Joshua and Nathaniel Wilds

Joshua and Nathaniel Wilds
February 1739 

My John Carrow lives on Nathaniel Wilds plantation and we think due to that that his wife is Jean( Jane) Wilds. He is entitled to rents from that land, however how and why Joshua Wilds comes there has been shrouded in mists. This shows some clarity and also sheds light on his ancestry as this land record indicates that the older Nathaniel Wilds in Pencader Hundred is his brother. 

William Carrow his uncle is born in New Castle County which had also been a puzzle. Light is beginning to dawn for me as I read how Joshua got into Kent County. They are Welsh Tract Welsh.

"John Kirkpatrick is witness to a 17 May 1735 deed between Nathaniel Wilds,
sadler of Newcastle County upon Delaware, PA and Joshua Wilds, farmer, of 
Cecil County."

Mary Wilds - 28 May 1733- St.Maryanne's Parish, Cecil Maryland to Joshua Wilds  and Ruth.

" Deed 23 Nov. 1739. Ruth Wild of Kent Co., Widow & Admin of hr husband
 Joshua Wild, dcd, also Admin of her brother-in-law Nathaniel Wild dcd.,
 and Esther Lewis of Pencader Hd in NCC for 23 pounds sold to Benjamin
 Elder of Mill Creek Hd in sd Co., their share of messuage tract cont
 150 acres sit. in Pencader Hd. Formerly belonged to David THOMAS
 dcd... by Thomas' Last Will, 3/4 of sd Messuage tract was made over to
 afsd Joshua Wild, Nathaniel Wild & Esther Lewis. Bounds land of John
 England, dcd David Jones, John Evans dcd, Benjamin Cooke and Joseph
 Brown. Signed Ruth Wild, Esther Lewis. Wits John Griffith, Thos James
 Rob Birney.

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