Thursday, October 1, 2015

Those Places Thursday - My DNA matches to Wales - Wilds,David,Rees,Jones,Tilton and Carrow

I have three( at the very least)  4th cousin DNA matches to men who still live in the UK and we ( Jones,Kitson,Stanley)  have puzzled to figure this out.. 4th cousin is close ancestrally but if the families are interrelated it can look like that..
We do know as we all four share the same segment of DNA that we share an ancestor..

New research in the form of Delaware Land Records have gotten me back further and more definitive emigrations times: 

"In 1703 they removed to the land purchased by them in Pencader Hundred, and built a meeting-house on the site of the present church. In the same year the membership was increased by the addition of Thomas John, and Rebecca, from Wales; and by profession of faith and baptism, John Wild, Thomas Wild,  Samuel Wild..."

and.." Evan Rees and James Howell were the heads of 
 two Welsh Baptist families who settled in Duck 
 Creek hundred in 1733, having come hither, with 
 others (James Hyatt, Nathaniel Wilds, David Evan, 
 David Rees, Evan David Hughs and Joshua Ed- 
 wards), from the Welsh Tract in Pencader hundred, 
 and were members of that church. (Morgan Ed- 
 wards's ''History of the Baptists in Delaware.") 
 According to this historian, the first emigration 
 from the Welsh Tract into Duck Creek hundred 
 took place in the year 1733."

My John Carrow born in 1783 is thus mostly Welsh.. South Wales..

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