Saturday, February 21, 2015

Surname Saturday ~ Descendants of Peter Rementer ~ No World Tree for me

AncestryDNA is making many many terrible mistakes with their product.Last week they blogged at Roots Tech about their improved Circle which would make Trees unnecessary.

Here is what happens without accurate records. In my only Circle at AncestryDNA I have 4 people. One person does not descend from my Francis X. Rementer at all,but from someone else via this Frederick Rementer. He does not seem to know this although he did once have it in his Tree. This death certificate ( from proves it..

Everyone is moving towards a One World Tree which has vast and awful implications I think..

I am not cooperating with anything besides my own basic lines. I started to put a Tree on Family but they started to load incorrect information so I took it out.. and they reprimanded me saying that I had removed other people's information..which was untrue.

" Dear Kathleen Carrow Ingram,

According to our research, you have recently deleted more than 25 records from Family Tree. Deleting records that you have not contributed will affect family history work of others...
Just as a reminder, Family Tree is an open-edit, collaborative system.  There are no private records or pedigrees in Family Tree, except those records of living individuals that you create...  If you wish to have private records of your ancestors, we suggest you use a personal computer program that is not online"

What I actually DID do is to delete a Tree that I was building on my own sign in at their site. Shame on me!!

My personal rant on Surname Saturday!


  1. Why does Ancesty think trees are unnecessary? So you end up in a circle with 197 people with no clue how you're connected and 99% will have private/stumps or no trees. How is that helpful?

    I did start a tree at FamilySearch a year or two ago, but I do not recall it being open-edit. I will probably just upload to Rootsweb and update that. No one is making it easier for us at all.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Denese. I agree.

  3. It seems like a case of 1 step forward and 3 steos back.