Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shopping Saturday - Choices in Family Trees

Family Trees are a bit confusing.. 

My Heritage for me is free at this point in time but to confirm anything it wants to upgrade to Premium.. I only intend to have a tree less than 250 nodes( people?) so that it remains free.. so I cannot ever confirm anything..and just at 23andme.. if they expand it, I will expand it but for right now it does not allow me.. I do have all of my genetic relatives attached to the 23andme tree.. 11 of us connected..

Others use Can it stay private? Does anyone have a Tree there? Thinking about that one also since record search is free..

However which is decidedly NOT Free and that I pay through the nose to use as World Deluxe ( Irish and UK records) is likely what I will stay with..

My Tribal Pages Tree may remain but I am NOT going to upgrade to premium this year as has my major Tree..

Who else has something else?

There is a Tree of sorts at FamilyTreeDNA but it is not a good one I don't think..
 I should go and look and make sure the Gedcom is current.. which it probably is NOT

Software does not work for me..Twice I purchased Family Tree Maker and it crashed completely..
 I do have the free Legacy software that also lets me keep records but if my computer crashed then that crashes also..

SOOO it is for now..

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