Thursday, November 6, 2014

Treasure Trove Thursday - 1821 Irish Census Fragment - Brady in Cavan and Meath

What I am wondering is if I am making myself confused, or did all of the Bradys and Kirwans in my line leave for America from this area. Is it the same area really though? Census fragments only show part  of it apparently.

There are two Sylvester Bradys living in Cavan or Meath at this time and are they the same family.

Sylvester Brady is a policeman and marries a Bridget Hood( or Flood) Jan 1, 1859 in Bohermeen Meath, near Navan where I think this Sylvester dies.

Another Sylvester Brady marries Rose Cook in Mt.Nugent( per the record) or Mountnugent in 1846. This is in Cavan and Meath, or at least the village is in Meath and  not too distant from Butlers Bridge where my rleated Bradys came from.

I also found this  in a public Tree of descendants of the second Sylvester Brady which makes me wonder if this is  my family also:
" The pages that she made are glued into a bible that came across on a sailing ship which left Waterford in 1866 in the possession of Maria (spoken "Mariah") then 14 years old.  According to four originally blank pages in that bible which evidently were meant to record things like births and deaths, etc., and preceding those that my grandmother glued into that bible, was documentation written by the parish priest of Kilbride Parish in Mt. Nugent (because he was the only one that could read or write given the English Penal Laws on the Irish Catholics at that time); it states that seven of the ten children were going to go to America on a sailing ship and only three sons, Timatay, Edward and John, were to stay in Mt. Nugent to tend to their home and parents on the "Tonagh land" in Mt. Nugent. "

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