Sunday, August 31, 2014

Census Sunday - Friends of Friends From the Delaware Archives

Although not exactly from the census but records, for sure, I discovered the Collections Gateway from the Delaware Public Archives. Searchable and downloadable for a lot of indexes, this one was Apprentice Indentures. I looked up my Carrows and found who was apprenticed to who and found Timothy Carrow apprenticing  two females for household servants.Emily Wright, who I find in the census as  Eunity Wright  and Sarah Elizabeth Duff.

I want to note that these indentures did not note race. Carrows who were not of color were indentured also as it was how life training took place. One Carrow man, Goldsmith Day Carrow who in later years was  a prominent minister and missionary in his youth was apprenticed as a tailor. In using this index I was able to look into the past for several lines of my own family.

Eunity Wright is found in the household of Timothy Carrow in 1867 as a 3 year old and is described as white but I later find her listed as black. The Apprentice record calls her Emily but I think this is her. She is apprenticed for 15 years on 6 Feb 1869. In 1800 at 14 she and a Renatta Clarkson, same age, were living in Little Creek Delaware in the household of  Benjamin Hamm. In the 1900 census, on June 5th, she is in the household of Sallie Morris and it is stated she is a widow and mother of 2 children not living. 6 Dec 1901 she marries James H. Collins, 45, of Leipsic who is son of John Collins and Lidia.  Eunity Collins dies  21 Jul 1905 in Dover. I do not find James Collins after that, although he had a large family of origin with brothers Isaac H.,Albert, William and John and sisters Hannah and Elizabeth.

Sarah Elizabeth Duff was born in 1828, and was apprenticed to Timothy Carrow on 5 Nov 1841 for 4 years. In the 1850 Duck Creek Hundred census she is living with her mother Priscilla, 50, who is then married to  a Robert Temple, 55, as well as a Josiah Temple who is 5 and  Abritta Morris, 8, who may be her sister and a one year old George Stewart, listed as mulatto, who is her son.

Elizabeth Duff marries James Hazzard 23 Jan 1851.She names her second daughter Priscilla so I am assuming her mother is Priscilla Temple. In the 1860 census her children are listed as Priscilla, George,Elizabeth and Shepherd Hazzard. 1870 finds James and Elizabeth Hazzard living in Philadelphia with Frank Hazzard 3, and William ( is this Shepherd?) in the home of a Doctor David Right. James dies  27 Dec 1872  and is buried in Lebanon Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Someone from the Crippen Dicks family has made corrections to  Abritta Morris' name. Since both of these girls were apprenticed to Timothy Carrow of Duck Creek Hundred and Eunity collins lives with Sallie Morris in 1900, I suspect these 2 may be connected in some fashion.

James Morris later marries Sarah E. Davis on June 7, 1883, daughter of Perry and Molesa/Molena Davis  and states that his parents are George and Aberella(Abritta). In 1930 he is widowed and living with his mother and a Anna E. Reading in Smyrna.

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