Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wales DNA matches and what they can mean - An expert's compilation

    Sister and I share an enormous amount of Welsh cousins.. Four 4th cousins came in just in a week.. Colin and Rees Roberts and Dilys Parker have long been matches from 23andme but it seemed sort of flukey..
    Where do they fit?
    They have to fit in the Carrow line.. and NONE of our many Carrow DNA Cousins share them( so excited I have them) so maybe it is our Grandfather. This is why we do DNA.
    Many of them come from here Pwllheli Caernarvonshire

    AncestryDNA with it's over 5 million matches have given us Janet Inglis  Haydn Eryl Hughes, Annwen Hughes,Dylan Fôn Thomas and so on..

    We ( Sister and I )each have TWO Geographic Communities from Wales with 40 or more cousin matches.. I also have 2 from Ireland  and Sister has 3 from Ireland..

    Blaine Bettinger has shared these tables with the ISOGG Facebook group.. a compilation of many of us and this year's version

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