Thursday, March 6, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday - Y DNA SNPS, Southern Baltic Haplotypes and other findings

One of my goals for the New Year was to break down the Carrow origin brick wall. It is beginning to crumble now, thanks to my attention to comparing Y lines as they have been tested at both 23andme and Family Tree DNA. This is the treasure chest that I am unlocking  this week, with a lot of help from more scientific folks than me.All of these lovely men testing has resulted in a plethora of results to tiptoe though and match with. BigY,Geno2,and other places to hunt SNPS and gather them.

Apparently both my Carrow and Rementer lines are part of the same haplotype called Southern Baltic Modal. What does that mean? Well for some of the Carrows it means that they descend from  a man who came out of the Ice Age area that was favorable to human life and found his way into the English Midlands.
He COULD have gone further south on the European Continent first and then went over. Was he Saxon or Danish? His descendants are found in the Danelaw areas. Could he have been from Wales? Possibly South Wales. We will continue to SNP test as new ones evolve.

Peter Rementer we know came from Europe with the Palatinate diaspora. He spoke German, was Catholic and from a military family, most probably, hence the Regimenter/Regimender surname that we find.Alsace has been mentioned and also Mainz in West Germany. He did not travel really far "After the Ice", as the saying goes.

I am very grateful for these new clues and for male Rementer and Carrow cousins who have accompanied me on this search. We are getting somewhere.

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