Sunday, December 23, 2012

Musing on newer DNA tests

Notes on The GenoChip 2 atDNA testing seen at Rootsweb Genealogy-DNA.. "I have tried the Admixture proportions tool and find the data surprisingly close to my 23andMe data " John Walden 

 " FTDNA won't have as many SNPs in common with the GenoChip as 23andMe does " Ann Turner

 "This admixture tool is different than the other ones reviewed here because it is looking at deep ancestry from thousands of years ago. Personally, as a genealogist, I don't find it as informative or as satisfying as the admixture results that reflect more recent ancestry." Cece Moore on  her Genetic Geneologist.

I am not rushing to test this one either..

AncestryDNA 's new effort as discussed by my cousin BobbyQ and I..Me " The close relative matches are fine but they need more depth in the other areas. Bob "Ancestry.comDNA is like The Powder River, a mile wide and an inch deep, too thick to drink and too thin to plough."

So there I am..

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