Saturday, January 23, 2016

Surname Saturday - Jones - Moses Jones and his descendants

                            John Jones of Moses - Murderkill Hundred

 A cousin and I share  a DNA match that looks like this:

 and AncestryDNA has this to say about it, at least for me:

However until  two days ago we only knew that one couple John Jones and his wife Elizabeth Maloney could have given us that segment..

We then got a match for a man who had only 9 names in his tree.. one of them clicked for us..Maloney..
and then it says this for me:

 Apparently they have determined it is a Jones match? Hmmm..
It is a closer match with her ..4th cousin than it is for me 5th to 8th cousin..

It does make me obsessed to find the origin of our Moses Jones who marries Katherine McNatt's  c. 1740s origin place.

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