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Maritime Monday~ Wreck of the Whaler "Thomas Winslow"

My cousins were told by my Great Aunt Bessie Swanson Ulmer,that her mother Mary Agnes Rementer Swanson, was the daughter of a whaler from Canada. Over the last few years, as I pieced the family tale together,I found that Charles Rementer was from a Philadelphia family ,and that he met Margaret Lynch in Massachusetts. The Lynches may have emigrated to Nova Scotia from West Cork; Charles Rementer, however,was clearly a whaler.

                                                    Wreck of a Whaler

The Thomas Winslow in a Hurricane-Seven Seamen Washed Overboard and Lost-The Remainder of the Crew Rescued. From the New York Times Sept. 15, 1869

Captain Russell, of the Whaling Bark Thomas Winslow, reports that at 5 AM on the 8th of September he was forced to lay into a hurricane 150 miles east of Cape May. At 10AM the ship was thrown on her beam ends, with the mastheads under. The cabin skylights, companionway and the fore scuttle were washed away and the ship began to fill. When the ship went over all but four men gained a place on the mizzen chains, the sea breaking completely over her.

Eventually righted but unable to move in the water their hope for a chance for life was to be taken off before dark by a passing ship. The T.H.A. Pitt got them off before dark and later transferred them eventually to The Danish brig Jyland , Captain Hoffding which brought them to New York.

Seven lives where lost in all: John A. Amos of Jamaica Plains,Rufus Dexter of Marion,Henry Wingard a German and Mauel a Portugeuse, and three French Creoles whose names are unknown.

The Thomas Winslow was a New Bedford Vessel

At the same time I find the following records: Charles Remetta on the Bark Hector in 1852, residence Philadelphia, Greenhand, Charles Rementer on the Maria Theresa in 1854 Boatsteerer, Charles Rementer on the Elizabeth in 1867 ( aged 36) 5'7" skin light..

Margaret Lynch and Charles Rementer married June 30, 1858 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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